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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pros & Cons for Hating Me

Ok here it is...
The Moment You've All Been Waiting to Hate Me For:

I love my job.  There, I said it.  I think everyone should have the option to work from home.  However, I want to remind you all that not everyone would love it.  Here are the pros & cons: 


1. As seen in the picture to the right, you can get a jump-start on your morning by not having to shower and dress all cute and get in your car and drive to your office.  Roll out of bed, fix coffee, sit down at your desk and get crackin'!  (For the record, I do make myself wear something cute for at least 4 days out of the work week.)

2. Also referring to the picture the right, any living being for which you are responsible (in my case, my dog-children) does not mind having an extra buddy at home all day.  (This has particularly revolutionized Moses' life because he does not have to go into his crate while both of us are gone, meaning that he has less "pent-up" energy in the afternoons and therefore is a little less psycho overall.)

3. Here is a convincing point for your employer: Depending on your personality type, if you are able to choose when you do your work, you will be much more focused and productive.  I have realized that I am the type of person who does not like to be "made" to do things.  However, I am very focused and love to "finish" a project.  If I pick when and where I do my work, I will sit down for five straight hours at a time and get more done than I would in an office in 2 days!  

4. Want to fix an omelet and watch "America's Next Top Model" during your lunch break?  Have at it.  Need to stick a load of laundry in the wash between emails?  Go for it.  Are you more of an afternoon runner?  No problem.  Your job revolves around your life as opposed to the all-too-common opposite.

5. You never have to use a public restroom.  (That is huge for me, people!)


1. Isolation.  When it's just you and the dogs all day, things can get a little lonely from time to time.  There are no coworkers in the next cubicle to relay the latest funny thing you saw on Twitter.  Not that you would be on Twitter during work...

2. Discipline--a major requirement for working from home.  Many people have told me, "I could never work from home--I wouldn't be focused enough."  You have to be able to be able to put your domestic requirements & distractions aside at times and hunker down and work. 

3. The pro may be fitting your work around your life, but the con is that it has to fit in somewhere.  This may mean evenings or weekends!

4. If your house is dirty, your office is dirty.  (At least with an office, you can leave your dirty house and go to your perfectly organized and tidy office--which is what I used to do...I had multiple living spaces personalities.  ha.)  In addition, there is not much excuse for a dirty house if you are "home" all day.  

5. You can't talk to clients on the phone while the mailman is dropping off the mail (your brave watchdog will be barking ferociously)...or while the car alarm is going off down the street, the ice cream truck is crawling by, or the neighbor is mowing his lawn, for that matter!

So there ya have it--the pros and cons of work-from-home life.  For some of you, this has solidified your hatred of me.  For this, I apologize and beg of your grace to accept my random fortune.  For others of you, you have realized that this is not all it's cracked up to be when you take reality into account.  I wish everyone had the option--I really do.  Perhaps one day we all will--our employers would spend less on office leasing, utilities, phone lines, and electronics!  Until then, it's time to get back to work...including myself...


Unknown said...

Great list. I think I would love to work from home. But alas, i will have to settle into a 4-10hour day workweek instead... starting next week! I am so excited!

Jane said...

I have to admit, you have solidified my jealousy! I think I would love to be at home in my comfies (especially sans uncomfy shoes), with my pup gazing out his window. However, that is not yet an option. So I shall enjoy it wistfully through you. :)

I think it is GREAT that you love your job too. It was nice reading your post and imagining it all while sitting in the longest board meeting of the week. :)

L said...

need a new "co-worker"? :)

another pro: you don't have to put up with dirty/tasteless jokes/comments. {i'm pretty perturbed about some that have been said here lately.} i don't think Moses or Owens would tell any around you. Ha!

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