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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Make This: Citrus Steak Salad

Oh my word, this salad is delicious!  I made it last night, and while devouring it, Nick kept repeating, "This is soooo good."  My favorite thing about this Citrus Steak Salad (from one of last year's issues of Martha Stewart's "Everyday Food" magazine) is that it is girly enough to make for your girlfriends (a salad with orange-honey-ginger dressing gives it that lady-like kick), but the steaks bumps the manliness quotient up a notch, thus causing my husband to rave about it.  

As you might recall, Wednesdays are "Soup Night" at our house.  However, from last year's experience, I just can't make soup in the spring and summer.  It's hot and comforting, but all I want in the warm months is something cool, crisp, and refreshing.  Therefore, Wednesdays during warm months are "Salad Night."  Not only is this even easier than soup, but it's also still giving us a mostly-veggies meal.  And you would be surprised how many salad recipes I've found that look very yummy!  It's more than green leaves with some carrots and grape tomatoes--it's an art!

I will definitely be making this salad several more times through the summer.  And that Orange-Honey-Ginger dressing is bound to make appearances in other places as well!  

Some recipe notes...
Strip steak can be pricey, so I used a big flank steak.  (Memphians, go to the Farmers' Market and get your beef from Neola Farms--you will not regret it!)  The flank steak was cheaper, and it made enough to have leftovers the next day.  

Also, if you are like me and had never cut citrus segments before (hey, you learn something new every day!), save yourself some trouble and click here for a video demonstration before you attempt it.  It is easy once you get the hang of it!

The recipe calls for 4 carrots, cut into matchsticks.  Instead, I took one carrot and peeled it, using the clean peelings for our salad.  It was plenty!  

I also didn't have any Romaine lettuce on hand, so I omitted the Red Onion from the recipe and used Arugula instead (thinking it would be "spicy and peppery" enough without the onion).


Lance said...

Mouth-watering and informative... thanks!

Anonymous said...

came here via leslie's blog, and love the recipe idea! and wanted to give you the option, for summer soup nights, of gazpacho - served cold, better the longer it sits, and full of veggies!

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