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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mileage Musings: The Dirty Dozen + Eight (20!!!)

I'll keep it short and sweet since I'm in Atlanta this week for job
training. (And I'm typing this from the iPhizzy)

Part One: 12 miles. Nick ran with me, which was very sweet, seeing his
long run was only supposed to be 8 that weekend. Ha! (Way to go above
and beyond, love muffin!) He had set out little paper cups of water
ahead of time for us. What was disturbing was that some of them were
missing when we finally ran to that point. We went out 6 miles and
then ran back, and what was even weirder was the fact that some of the
cups we'd used on the way were missing on the way back! How thirsty do
you have to be to drink a disposble cup of unknown liquid sitting next
to a lightpole?? This portion of the run was tough because we ran a
lot of the way without music and without much conversation.

Part Two: 8 miles. We ran by the house for Nick to quit his portion
and I got my headphones and took of on a different course. I rocked
this part of the run. The music was fresh. My Gu Roctane breathed new
life into my body. I finished the last 400 meters of my 20 mile run in
a sprint!!

Part Three: My 20-Mile Party. Nick went for the big enchilada. He
booked me a 90 minute massage at my favorite spa in Atlanta!
Heavenly!! My masseuse told me I had knots all over me - it hurt like
the dickens while she was working on then, but I felt so much better
after the massage. In fact, I felt so relaxed that I ran right into a
wall when I was walking into the dressing room area!


ashley said...

ha - i laughed out loud when i saw you ran into a wall (until i remembered rudy is still sleeping from his night workings this week). i love you for that - so something i would have done. so so proud of you for working so hard. sprinting the end??? impressive. you are now officially hard core.

Kristin said...

Way to go Jesse! I have a feeling your marathon is going to be a breeze for you.

Unknown said...

90 minute massage? Nick is awesome but so are you for running 20 miles

Julie said...

You are amazing. 20 miles might as well be 1,000 in my mind. You are amazing.

Can't wait to see yall !!!

Jane said...

Girl that is AWESOME! It is a BIG DEAL when you can finish like that!!! You are so ready to rock this marathon!


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