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Monday, November 24, 2008

Let Every Heart Prepare Him Room

The subject line is my favorite from "Joy to the World."  (As well as "repeat the sounding joy," thanks to one of my favorite movies ever: "The Family Stone."  I can't wait to watch it again for the 12 Days of Christmas!)

Speaking of preparing room, I need your opinions, blogger friends...
I know many of you have probably begun decorating for the Christmas holiday immediately following Halloween this year.  I feel like almost everyone I know has pulled out the decorations a little earlier than usual.  Which is fine--to each his (or her) own, and I do not intend to take issue with anyone's holiday traditions.  However, I am more of the Decorate After Thanksgiving persuasion.  

Which leaves me thinking ahead of schedule about a particular conundrum: 
WHAT do you do with your pumpkins??

I absolutely love buying pumpkins during the fall season--they are sure to turn up on our mantle every year (as seen in the above picture).  This year, I found a beauty at the Farmers Market--they called it a "Grey Ghost."  (It's on the left in the picture.)  I also love the mid-sized and mini pumpkins, with orange and white stripes.  The baby albino pumpkins.  (Nick is a big fan of "Ghost Pumpkins.")  

But alas, it is almost time to decorate for my Co-Favorite Holiday (Christmas is tied with the 4th of July).  What will become of the pumpkins?  I just cannot bear to think of throwing them away.  There is nothing wrong with them!  They are as good as new!

So tell me, early decorators, what did you do with your pumpkins?


Unknown said...

I'm with you. I hate getting rid of perfectly nice pumpkins, and do not decorate until after Thanksgiving. Let me know if you come up with anything/anyone contributes anything good.

Unknown said...

that was Leslie whoops

Julie said...

I don't know about the pumpkins...could you make a ridiculous amount of pumpkin butter or puree or something???

BUT more than that, YOU ARE IN FACT THE MOST AWESOMEST PERSON EVER. I think it's Judy. I bounced up and down and said, "Yeah Jesse!!!" when I read your comment.

Larissa Smith said...

Um, never tried this, but it just popped into my head. What if you made a pumpkin tree on your mantle? You could stack maybe three of different sizes that you had painted green (yes, you can paint them, they last longer than cutting), and then toss a santa hat on top. Wind around a cheapo silver bead necklace and you have a Christmas tree.

At least, it looks that way in my head...

If not, you could just use it as a base to provide levels for other decorations, like under cloth over which you scattered some faux wrapped gifts, just to add some depth and variety. Or stick them down in a large pot or planter to raise the poinsettas to the top on your front porch. Or drape white cloth over it, add a little faceless head and some wings for an angel. Or spell out a Christmas message across all of them, like Joy To The World or 'Tis The Season, with ornament balls scattered about to bring in the truer Christmas colors.

(You caught me on a good day. I've just been brainstorming how to make Christmas out of some less-than-ideal makings as well, so my brain was warmed up.)

Hope you come up with something. I agree that pumpkins are super unique and worth the effort to keep using!

Kristy said...

We used to boil the seeds. Now I just throw them out... sad.

Rules were meant to be broken. And I'm a rule breaker. I've never decorated before Turkey day before out of principle and respect for the holiday, but with T-day being so late this year, I chucked it and put my decorations up mid-November. And I make no apologies for it. :)

When our house is decorated, we find that we enjoy staying home more. Since I am on maternity leave and will be at home a lot anyway, I decided I'd like to be home in a decorated house! It's been very fun so far!

And I listen to Christmas music whenever I feel like it--even in July! :)

Jane said...

Your mantle is lovely! But as for pumpkins, I have no advice. I have the same problem. I picked only one perfectly round and orange pumpkin for my front porch...and it is still perfect and round and orange so...I don't know. I don't think I have the heart to get rid of it!

Kristin said...

I have no ideas, but Larissa's sound great!

I, too, don't like to decorate before Thanksgiving, but this year I may start tomorrow (just one day before) since I have the day off.

I want to know why 4th of July is one of your favorite holidays.

Blessed said...

Good question. I didn't even buy pumpkins this year. Can you believe that? I don't know what was wrong with me. I think it was that Seth was so busy with everything and we weren't having anyone over so I just didn't go all out. Now, Christmas is another story. I plan to start tonight. Usually I do it the weekend before. I love decorating and Christmas is my fave!

I think I saw some painted pumpkins for Christmas in a decorating magazine. I believe they painted them white and put red dots all over them. They were pretty cute!

Ashley @ pure and lovely said...

You are not xmas hitler, btw. I feel the same way. this year, i was going to aleiveate the stress (I cant spell) by doing it a bit early, but then I got sick. its not meant to be. I always throw my punpkins away, but you could always make pumpkin pie!

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