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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Banishing Bottom-Dwellers

No one deserves to be a bottom-dweller. 

Which is why, with the addition of the new Blogger Gadget that is all the rage (the Blog Role), I had to make some cuts.  If you have not updated your blog in 3 months or more, you didn't make the team.  It's for your own good.  You don't want to just sit down there on the bottom of the list forever, do you?  

Have no fear busy bloggers--I do still subscribe to RSS feeds of all friends and fam, so should you decide to join the blogging realms once more, I'll re-add you to my list!  

Being the people-pleaser that I am (there, Brooke--maybe now some of the Google attention will be directed my way!), I just felt the need to explain any link absences.  So don't be offended, ok?

And in the spirit of tardiness, here's a couple pics from our months-ago weekend trip to St Louis!  (The first was taken from our hotel room--crazy close to the new stadium, right?  The second was my favorite activity of the trip, which took place about 3 blocks from our hotel--reading and napping under The Arch.)


Unknown said...

whew! glad i made the cut

Ashley @ pure and lovely said...

hahaha! I feel your pain. I have like five more people I need to cut. I get so tired of feeling guilty about it when they don't blog! And i still dont know how to add thist hing on here. ps congrats on your awesome running stamina.

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