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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

When It Rains, It Blisters

Continuing the grossness. This blister has kept me sidelined since Friday! Any advice??
(I'm wearing flip flops with my work trousers this week! Fashion no-no!)


L said...

oh jesse. that's horrible. and possibly the grossest thing i've ever seen. you poor thing!

the only advice i have to offer for prevention (b/c i've not dealt with blisters) is a question: what size are your shoes? do they fit "just right" or are they a little big? the reason i ask...the guy at the store who sold me mine got me a half-size bigger than what i usually wear so that my toes had lots of "breathing room", and thereby don't rub. i don't know if that's legit advice, but thought i'd offer it. so..that's for free (to quote our beloved Jim B.).

feel better toes!!

Ashley @ pure and lovely said...

I just spent the weekend cleaning up bodily fluids after all of my family members. I would rather look at the body fluids than your toe!!! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH! it looks so painful! im so sorry!!!
flip flops sound good to me!!!

Julie said...

dems just nasty

and yet, I am proud of your battle wounds!!!

Unknown said...

i still have no words and i've seen them in person! ew. you will truly earn that marathon medal! weirdly , the "word" i had to type in to verify this comment is "squity" --- kind of describes your toes, huh?

ashley said...

um, that last comment was really from me... didn't realize rudy had been on my computer

Kristin said...

You poor thing! I have no advice about blisters. The bigger shoe idea seems like it would work though, but then if they are two big your foot may slide around in them and cause blisters on other parts of your feet.

Jane said...

Wow! That is really somethin! I have never had one of those, but I think my mom has. She's had everything. Your toes look surprisingly normal shaped for all the craziness that goes on down there when you run. :)

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