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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Mileage Musings: The Big 10

The 10 mile long run happened about a week and a half ago, and it was hugely successful due to two things: (1) AMAZING fall weather and (2) Gu Roctane.  

I have discovered that temperature affects my runs tremendously.  Hot weather drains me, even if I have properly hydrated throughout the day (and the day before).  Case in point below...

I know I am very brave to post this picture, but whatev.  It could be 50 degrees outside and I would still sweat if I ran.  Crank it up to 90, and it's just not pretty folks.  

Anyways, due to all of this summer training, I feel like a superstar when the weather is cooler.  And so it was on the day of the 10 mile.  

My other key to success was my new best long run friend: Gu Roctane.  If you've never used Gu before (pronounced "goo"), it is a carbohydrate supplement that you take when you have depleted your body's source of carbs.  If I'm running 10 or more miles, I usually make Gu part of my running strategy.  It is in a little silver packet, you tear the top off, and it comes in many different flavors of...goo.  That is the best way to describe it, actually.  It is like eating gooey, flavored honey.  You drink a cup of water with it to make it go down.  

So, Gu came out with a new hyped-up product called Roctane.  I saw it at Fleet Feet when I was picking up some running necessities, and I asked about it.  The guy told me that they were planning on carrying Roctane because they thought it was a bunch of overpriced hooey.  But then people started coming in and requesting it.  So they gave it a whirl.  And so did I.  

Wow, it was amazing.  I ran my first third of my run and briefly stopped at my own personal "aid station."  (I set up a cup of water, Gu, and a dry towel or washcloth near the entrance to the trail on which I run...voila!)  After my first lap on the trail, I was pretty beat.  I tried out the Roctane and headed off for my next third of the run.  It's not like I was automatically wearing a jetpack or anything...but it kind of was!  I am pretty psychologically motivated, but I've run with Gu enough times during "bad" runs that I don't view it as a miracle.  However, about 1/4 mile into the trail, I realized I felt good.  I wasn't overheated.  I wasn't out of breath.  My legs felt like they were in the zone.  I could run forever.  Yay for Roctane.  

When I returned from Shelby Farms, Nick threw me a "10-Mile Party."  I opened the door and he sprayed me with silly string.  He had two pieces of my favorite cake (one piece of caramel and one piece of chocolate from Holiday Ham) set up on the table with 5 candles each (one for each mile!), and he had put my favorite fall snack (candy corn) in little dishes all over our table.  So fun!  (He was going to buy me more running socks as well, but I had already bought some for myself right before my run!)  What a sweet and creative husband.  He did give the disclaimer that I shouldn't expect parties after all of my long runs.  Ha.  It sure was a great motivation for this one, though.

I apologize for all of my runner-y posts as of late.  Don't worry--I'm planning to mix it up with some pics of recent trips in my next post!  Over and out...


Larissa Smith said...

I'm very impressed! Congrats on finding your own magic potion. And I don't even think your sweaty picture looks all that bad. I'd probably look like I'd been in a fight or something...you're good.

ashley said...

what a sweet hubby! congrats on 10!

Blessed said...

Way to go, Jesse! You are awesome! 10 miles. That is just unbelievable. :)

I am glad you cleared up the picture. I was a little confused by you in your running gear with the gu stuff and CAKE? But, wow, that was so sweet, creative, and thoughtful of Nick! Way to go Nick!

Ashley said...

Congrats to the Tigers- the one thing that makes not being in Memphis easier this fall is that I don't know if I could handle supporting such a terrible team Sunday after Sunday... even the Bostics have something to cheer about! Miss you all!

Brooke said...

man I am just jealous about the new blog template. Green with envy!

angie c said...

Can't wait to hear about St. Louis! Congrats on the run- that's SO impressive!! Should have looked in your fridge for the leftover cake while feeding the dogs. dang.

p.s. we have Finding Nemo and You've Got Mail on loan. Will return soon.

Ashley @ pure and lovely said...

wow. im jealous and wish i had the time to run ten miles how awesome are you? get em, jess!

Tesney said...

Congrats!!! You are the woman...I am really impressed that you are doing the marathon.

RE: Candy Corn
Do you love mellowcreme pumpkins too??? I stock up on them this time of year...of course I can only eat them occasionally but they are so worth it!

Julie said...


Jesse Faris said...

Ha, thanks for the encouragement guys. I would like to give the disclaimer that I did not eat BOTH pieces of cake. Nick ate the chocolate piece. This little piggy ate the caramel piece. Yummmmm.

Ashley W - Girl, WE MISS YOU! Time for you guys to make a trip back to your old stomping grounds, eh?

Ash M - Re: making time to run: You should see the state of my house. Yipes.

Tesney - Are mellowcreme pumpkins the candycorn pumpkins? If so, YES, I love them. If the answer to that question is no and they are more like Peeps, then NOOOOO, Peeps gross me out. But I'm happy you like them because someone needs to!

Tesney said...

mellowcreme pumpkins are the candy corn pumpkins...but I do love peeps too!

Becca said...

what a cool party! way to go jesse for running 10 miles and way to go Nick for throwing such a an awesome surprise party. I am totally impressed with both of you!

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