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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I Flashed Derek Webb

That's right.  I showed him my headlights.  
Ok, ok, it's not what you're thinking.  Here's the sad story:

Nick and I had plans to meet some friends at Otherlands (Cooper Young District) tonight to see Derek Webb play (with his wife Sandra McCracken).  I had an Adoptive Family Group to go to first (for my job).  Nick and I decided to meet there.  When Nick showed up, the place was packed.  He found some standing room in the back.  He saw Kevin & Angie through the window as they were walking around to the back deck and went outside to go talk to them.  Little did he know that they were on the deck because Otherlands wasn't letting anyone else in.  (Fire codes: blurg.)  So of course, in walking outside he forfeited his standing room as well and he wasn't allowed back in.  I finally showed up and saw them in the parking lot.  

So we went to Quetzal and ate some chocolate cake.  

Afterwards, I dropped Nick off at his car across from Otherlands.  And there they were.  Derek and Sandra.  Just crooning away with their guitars.  Their backs were to the window and you could see the crowd just devouring every word they sang.  As we turned left from the side street onto Cooper, our bright lights lit up the backs of those two great songwriters.  

And that's the sad sad story.  
Derek, please come back to Memphis soon so we can hear your songs that make me cry. 


angie c said...

Boo Otherlands.

I enjoyed that 5 minute cake, though. . .and your company, of course.

Unknown said...

Nice story. I saw Derek once with Caedmon's way back in '97. He looked a lot like my brother. Still does sort of.

Great music. Hard music. True though, isn't it?

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