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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Good Eats & Treats

1. New Extra-Special Date Night Restaurant: Pasta Italia
The story we'd been told was that there is an Italian suit place next to Owen Brennan's out in Germantown off of Poplar.  An Italian-suit-maker-guy traveled to this establishment to bring/sell/whatever some suits.  The store owner took him to Pasta Italia, where he was so impressed with the authenticity of the food that he asked to see the chef.  Upon meeting the chef, he commended him for making food that tasted like it was straight from his homeland.  And funny enough, after a brief conversation, the Italian-suit-maker-guy discovered the chef WAS from his very own hometown in Italy.  Well whatdya know?  

So we heard this story and knew that we would absolutely have to try this place.  We waited for a special night, and when one came, we made the drive to Old Town Collierville on the square. 

OH MY GOODNESS.  I can not tell you how amazing the food is.  There are only about 7 tables in this quaint little restaurant.  The service was excellent.  We split a dish, and our very nice waiter must have sensed our young-married-ness, because he brought us several items "on the house," or "compliments of the chef."  The chef came out and met us in person, shaking Nick's hand, and taking my hand and kissing it.  I have never been to Italy, but I felt that I had when I left that restaurant.  That meal was for a true bon vivant.  

I must stress that it is a bit pricey so save it for a special night.    
(Click here for a map)

2. New Neighborhood Obsession: Muddy's Bake Shop
My friend Leslie has this friend from high school who just opened up her own bakery.  I have probably been there an average of twice a week since they opened at the end of February!  (And my belly will tell the story!)  I can't help it--my car just gravitates to Muddy's without even asking my opinion nowadays!  Cupcakes, cakes, cookies, toffee nut bars, fudge galore.  Yum yum yummmmm.  

My personal favorites are "Pucker Up" (lemon cupcakes with lemon icing), "Grasshopper" (chocolate with mint), "Capote" (chocolate with vanilla), "Prozac" (chocolate with chocolate...appropriately titled), and "Mocha Madness" (chocolate with mocha and a chocolate-covered espresso bean on top).  I know it sounds like I've named all of them, but let me tell you...that's just the beginning!  (Nick's favorite, for the record, is chocolate with peanut butter icing...can't remember the title...)

Her slogan: "Muddy's Bake Shop: Lovin' From the Oven."  Isn't that just the greatest?  The bakery is located in the shopping center behind Fox & Hound off of Sanderlin.  They use free-range eggs, organic milk and flour, and a lot of their packaging is from recycled material--Happy Earth Day.  Check out her website here and a recent article in the Memphis Flyer here.

Now now, non-Memphians, don't despair!  There are a few treats for you in this post too...

3. New Love-Love-Love-It Stationary: 
My friend Katie just started her own stationary biz and, in my humble opinion, it is about to explode.  I always admired Katie's graphic design projects when we were in college, and I'm thrilled that she's finally sharing her talent!  She is about to showcase her work at the National Stationary Show in NYC in May.  Another blog devoted to "beautiful finds" described Katie's work as being "Martha Stewart with a lot of Scandinavian and Japanese design influence."  Catch her while you can!  You can view her etsy site here.

4. New Creative Artsy Gifts for Anyone and Everyone (Especially Yourself!) Site:
Shoutout to another dear friend, Ashley (aka Supablogga), who has been endeavoring in all things creative as long as I've known her.  She is super talented at painting, and offers some of her paintings on her site, as well as lovely decorative signs, frames, stationary, and handmade goodies.  Click here, and prepare to be awed by her supercrazy talent!


khovater said...

WHHYYY don't I live in Memphis anymore????

Kristy said...

So jealous of your Italian experience! Sounds pretty amazing. :)

Amanda's News said...

We definitely will have to try that Italian place before we move. Also that bakery, is it by our hair place?

Unknown said...

Yes, Amanda, it is by the hair place! Great post, jess!

Ashley @ pure and lovely said...

thanks for the shout out. memphis looks like lots of fun!

ashley said...

good stuff. i'm a sucka for some cupcakes.

angie c said...

I can vouch for the cupcakes. Yummy!

And yes, I have a twin.

jennifer swymn said...

Jeremy and I have also found Pasta Italia. We LOVE it!! Maybe we can go together sometime before we move. After all we seem to have the same taste in restaurants lately.

Anonymous said...

Aww...thanks for the compliments, Jesse! Your "humble opinion" means a lot!

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