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Monday, March 31, 2008

So Leave a Message & I'll Call You Back

Thanks for your comments on the first ever "Would You Rather...?"  Here's my two cents:

I am a calling chameleon.  I pretty much know the friends of mine who require a voicemail.  I know when friends won't give a flip if I leave one of my classic 5-minute messages.  I act accordingly.  

My personal preference: I call those back who leave messages.  (I'm not sure if that sentence is grammatically correct...?)  I figure if it wasn't worth it to leave a message, then they will catch me again.  Or send me a text.  

Which is another topic--I used to HATE receiving texts because I was charged 10 cents every time I got one.  Which makes texts that say, "Ok," really annoying.  Those guys add up!  But now I get 200 texts a month with my new plan...so text away, my 21st century friends!


Kristy said...

Your sentence was grammatically correct. :) We recently added texting too, and I am now hooked. I used to get ticked at random "OK" texts as well, and now I am the sender of them... And, for the record, I always look forward to your 5 minute voicemails. If it is just a missed call from you, I catch myself feeling disappointed.

So, I need your thoughts/opinions on my latest post.

Ashley @ pure and lovely said...

lol. ok!!!!!

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