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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Transportable Food

In light of yesterday's post, I thought I'd pick your brain about a food issue.  

I feel very confident about fixing food in the kitchen and serving it in the dining room.  However, recently I've felt a little inept at fixing food in my kitchen and taking it across town to someone's home.  Our Sunday School class is a lean mean machine when it comes to providing meals to families with new babies, etc, which I think is great.  I enjoy cooking, and I enjoy sharing what I cook.  But, there's something about the transportation that changes my rules about what I can make.  It seems like a casserole is the easiest option, but I'm not too big into casseroles.  What else can I bring?  I'd like to know what you think...

  • Do you think that's true? (Having to transport the food limits what you can make?)
  • What is your favorite meal that someone has brought you when you were sick or after you had a baby, etc?
  • What is your favorite meal to BRING to someone under those circumstances?
  • What factors make up a good transportable food?


Amanda's News said...

YOu are right about our class being a machine for new parents:) I would definitely say casseroles are easiest to make and take to someone. Most main dishes we got were casseroles:lasagna, ravioli, crescent chicken casserole, chicken pot pie, we also got chicken salad. All of it was yummy! When it gets cooler then soups are great (chili, beef stew, etc.) I usually put the food in an aluminum foil pan that you can throw away.

Blessed said...

Hey girl. I agree with everything Amanda wrote. I mostly got casseroles, which were all amazing, but not good for losing the baby weight. Oh, well. That was 6 months ago, and I still haven't lost it. Can't blame it on the 3 weeks of casseroles I ate anymore, huh?

Anyways, one couple made us barbecue chicken, potatoes and green beans, and macaroni, and had it in this handy little divided plates all ready to go.

Another brought us Chili's. I am not sure that is the best way to go if you are trying to save money, but boy was it good.

When I take food, I usually take a casserole. I know, I just complained about the calories, but they are EASY and I guess most people like them? I know I do. I like soups too. They are easy, travel well, freeze well (if they have leftovers) and can be a healthy alternative.

Hope that helps. I am looking forward to everyone else comments, because I need help in this department too.

Oh, and someone brought me the YUMMIEST cobbler. Hmm....maybe someone who loves to blog about cooking. You should really share that recipe sometime. I was amazed that it was so easy and delicious.

Blessed said...

Excuse all my typos and grammatical errors. I wrote a book and didn't proof it before I hit enter. Oops. Sorry, Leslie.

Kristin said...

I usually take a casserole when I take food for a new baby arrival. Like it has been mentioned above, they are easy to make, easily transportable, and most people like them. I've often thought I should start taking things in aluminum pans so that the new mother doesn't have to worry about dishes, but I'm afraid my dish wouldn't turn out because I've never cooked it that way before. But, I guess I could try it out when it's just me and Matt to see if it would still turn out.

I do think having to transport food limits what you can take, because most of the time it's just you in the car, and you don't want something that could spill easily or shift due to all the turns and stops and starts you make in the car.

Anonymous said...

Well, while I'd love to take a yummy casserole or homemade something, my distance prevents that type of food most of the time.

I'm one of the ones picking up the Chilis or something else that the new mom/dad are craving. I know they'll like it too.

However, I love a good casserole and one of my favorites to make/freeze/cook or re-heat later is Chicken Tetrazzini. YUM! My mom made it when I was a kid and would freeze it in individual portions for my after school lunch. I didn't like to eat the cafeteria food. I also have a really good 5 cheese spaghetti casserole that's good. I guess I like anything with pasta, chicken and cheese!

And if I were to make something from scratch to take to someone, I think I would go for the throw-away containers too. No muss, no fuss.

Happy Monday!

Ashley @ pure and lovely said...

my answer to all the above: casseroles and homemade bread...and I know you won't do this but when someone has had a baby, go the extra mile and really make something. not to be picky, but if I wanted frozen food warmed up or hamburger helper, I could get Jamin to pick it up at the grocery store on the way over. I do that for myself, not other people. I think it shows extra thought when you actually MAKE something. ;)

Ashley @ pure and lovely said...

Or, as someone mentioned above, take out is always good too, if the above idea is not feasible. (when I said frozen, I meant from the frozen food aisle at walmart) It shows thoughtfulness NOT to do that. sorry. I'm opinionated on this matter. ;)

angie c said...

You can't go wrong with homemade chicken noodle soup. Yummy, comfort food. Transports well, makes a lot and freezes really well.

Noticed you're reading Girl Meets God. Loved it.

I'm finally starting Harry Potter. Yipee!

Anonymous said...

i'm so glad you got these questions out in the open! as someone who has no babies, i always want to know what people think! also, working downtown puts me under some time constraints to get people dinner before 8:00 (if they want it hot). so here's another question... is it tacky to make something homemade and take it to them the night before your assigned night with cooking instructions so they can have it ready when they want it? (already made but frozen and ready to cook?)

Mommy of Boys said...

I agree with soup. That's a hit and usually easy to double up (one for them, one for your family). I have made pork chops and potatoes most often which worked out well. It's sort of casserole-ish, but not really. (I just throw in cooked apples, green beans and rolls and then usually a portion of a dessert or a pie.)

I've mixed up a casserole (chicken pot pie/tetrazini) and just didn't bake it. That way they could freeze it for later or bake it now. That works great for me because it's not always easy for me to deliver right at dinner time. One family brought us the whole thing....meal, dessert, tea and paper products. I loved it because it was all right there for us. Someone brought us a baked spaghetti thing that was good too.

Mitzi said...

I am such a fan of taking/receiving food in disposable containers. It is too much hassle for the new mom to return everything.

I usually take something homemade. Lasagna is my usual. I have also taken pork tenderloin with veggies, Poopy seed chicken or chicken and rice casserole.

Blessed said...

I am glad Mitzi brought me chicken and rice and not poopy seed chicken. Ha ha! :)

I am loving the comments. Nice post, Jesse!

Tesney said...

I have a standard meal that everyone gets if they have a baby. It's safe for nursing moms...no forbidden foods, is very transportable, and is very easy for me to fix. So here ya go...
Rooster Balls (a.k.a. Chicken Crescents), Julie's Green Beans, Corn Casserole, and either (a) Heath Bar Cake or (b) Wheat Germ Cookies. I'll just email you the recipes.

Larissa Smith said...

1. Yes, to a degree. Most things are transportable; it's just that some require a little creative packaging. However, not all things are as good after sitting a while, even only 15 minutes - so I say the commute is the kicker for things like mashed potatoes or frozen desserts.

2. I don't remember what my favorite was. However, I do remember that things requiring no utensils were great. With a fussy newborn, even getting food out onto a plate, heating it up, and sitting down to eat it with a fork can be asking too much, so anything I could prepare and eat one-handed was fantastic.

3. Catacran chicken, rice, broccoli salad, rolls. Feels pretty healthy and light, but filling enough to satisfy, plus the broccoli salad can double as a light lunch. And I like making a double and having it myself!

4. Anything that is fine if it swishes and mixes around (picky layers are out). Anything that is flexible on serving temperature. Anything in foil containers or disposable tupperware. I really haven't found anything that is absolutely out of the question, so far.

Unknown said...

Carrie, there weren't any mistakes that were too glaring to me... thanks for the shout-out!

Yes, I like disposable containers, when given the time. I would think it's so nice to eat something hot and tasty... Jonathan doesn't understand the term "comfort food." Does anyone have a very poignant description for him? I think it would encapsulate all of the above.

Blessed said...


I think comfort food is something creamy, rich, warm, and most of the time fattening. Something super yummy! Think Cracker Barrell, meat and three, etc.


Kimberly said...

The best things that anyone brought to me when I had a baby were paper products. I had a friend that bought me paper plates, bowls, cups, napkins, and plastic forks and spoons. It was great because I didn't have to wash anything. And I also agree with everyone else who suggested taking food in disposable containers.

Ashley @ pure and lovely said...

ashley-to answer your question, thats not rude at all to do that. it's sweet of you do do it at all, so no one will mind if its a night early! that goes in the really thoughtful category! ;)

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