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Monday, July 30, 2007

The Delightful Year of Twenty-Seven

I'm back again! We've had a whirlwind month, and it's been all I could do to catch my breath every now and then. Belize and Camp Highland took up a combined sixteen days, but the recovery from both has taken about the same, to be stolen in spare moments here and there.

I turned the uneventful 27 on July 16th. If you are a longtime reader of my blog, you know I relish each birthday and have no qualms about growing a year older. I will even share with you that I'm known to say that I'm "almost ___" so much in the months leading up to my birthday that I end up honestly thinking I'm a year older than I really am by the time the big day arrives! (Alas, I even had to delete the number 28 when I began typing this! Next year, Jess, next year.)

I really lucked out with a birthday that was lost in the shuffle of summer camp. As a result, I have cashed in for the latter part of this month! Nick has spoiled me rotten and I have enjoyed every bit of it.

The following are some of my favorite birthday celebrations, which have been stretched out throughout the month:
  • A pre-ordered copy of Harry Potter, which I immediately engrossed myself in and busted my butt after work every day last week to finish...and finally did on Saturday--I was so afraid that the Today Show would mention crucial info that I didn't watch it for 2 weeks!
  • A beautiful freshwater pearl necklace that my husband picked out himself
  • Hitting the JCrew sales--oh what fun!
  • Two gorgeous arrangements of gerber daisies, which Nick made himself and surprised me with after work last week
  • And a "Surpise Monday"...
Today was "Surprise Monday." Nick's been hyping it for days. When I returned home from work this afternoon, there were 2 big surprises waiting for me. First was a birthday cake, which Nick had been promising. He had contacted the lady that made our wedding cake and had her make a small replica! (I mean, are you rolling your eyes yet? He is over the top!) We had always lamented that we only ate a bite of wedding cake and it had seemed so good. Well, I now have a Birthday Wedding Cake all for my very own! (I am sharing, of course.) Here are some pictures, courtesy of Magenta RAZR:
(It's a white cake with vanilla frosting and raspberry filling...YUM!)
To compare with the original, click here.

The second surprise: we jumped in the car and Nick took me to the spa for an hour-long massage! Heaven! I can't think of much else I'd rather do than get pampered at a good spa. It is my dream vacation.

So, in closing, The Year of Twenty-Seven is shaping up to be pretty fabulous so far. (Thanks for making it so special, Nick! You are a crazy-wonderful husband!) And if you're craving cake this week (as I do most weeks!), drop by our house and have a slice!


angie c said...

I'm on my way.

khovater said...

Happy late birthday Jesse! You have such a sweet husband!

Ashley @ pure and lovely said...

yes, I am rolling my eyes. that cake is so cute though. I thought it was your wedding one on Facebook. Hope you enjoyed your massage!

Katie Land said...

What a fun b-day celebration!! I love it...I want to stop by for a sliver of that cake... It looks sooooo good! Hope to see you soon and catch up! Out of town again this weekend- Maybe coffee or lunch next week? Glad you had a great b-day and awesome job Nick!!!

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