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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Geezer with a Cowlick

Lately, when I am not listening to NPR on 91.1 on the way to or from work, I am listening to the classical music played on the same station.

I didn't even hit the easy listening stage of my life...I just skipped it and headed straight to WKNO.

I believe this automatically makes me an old geezer, yes?

In other news, I have a cowlick in my bangs today. It was caused by letting my hair dry for a significant time while it was wrapped in a towel which was piled on the top of my head. After having air-dried vertically, it became impossible to tame this one tiny section of my bangs. I blow dried, straighted with a flat iron, and then put a tiny bit of sticky product in it.

The result? A old geezer with a persistant cowlick. What a becoming combination.


Larissa Smith said...

OR you're a classy, sophisticated, low-maintenance woman with the self-confidence to listen to the music you like and bee-bop around the house with a towel on your head for as long as you feel like it, come what may. More power to you.

Unknown said...

I'm and NPR geezer too.

And I have a cowlick on the left side. (and the right :() You're among friends, dear one.


Ashley @ pure and lovely said...

haha. i have one too. good stuff.

melanie said...

Jesse...you are hilarious! If I blogged my hair each day as a stay at home mom (so why would I style it for my 2 yr old?) you would consider your hair today a blessing. Amazing how the effort for things like that left when I birthed Daisy. :) I even get put out now when I have to dress up for church (not wear shorts or sweats!). Hahahaha.


Chad Billy-Steve Pknicholson said...

Post again already, sheesh!

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