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Friday, March 23, 2007

Kissing Your Dog on the Mouth

I am pretty much against this.

Today on my way to work, I observed a woman in the car in front of me kissing her small dog on the mouth. As in: the dog's tongue was licking the woman's lips.


You may be one of these people. And if you are, I would like to ask: why?

I am very affectionate with my dog. I speak to him in a high lovey voice. I rub his ears and scratch behind them. I pat and kiss his belly. I cuddle with him on the couch and even let him stick his sharp, bony, greyhound elbows in my stomach or legs. I tuck him in at night. (Yup, I really do. I know...Just wait until I have kids. I've heard it before.) I give him kisses on the top of his soft sweet head.

But I do not kiss him on the mouth.

How is this different? one might ask. I'll tell you how: there is no licking involved. No exchange of saliva. No doggy spit in any close vicinity to my mouth.

Disclaimer: Sometimes this happens unintentionally on accident. That is okay. But naturally, you will say "Blecchhhh...Phpppp...Gross!" If this does not happen, there is a problem.

Everyone has different ways of expressing love and affection. But I implore you, Dog-Mouth-Kissers, please limit your kisses to less wet and germy areas. Not only will you reserve your dignity, you will prevent queasiness on the part of the general public as well.


Amanda's News said...

This has to be the funniest blog post ever! You will never see my kissing my dog's tongue. First of all my dog as been known to occassionally eat her pooh. So totally disgusting...right? Many of you think your dog never eats their own pooh if only we could video them 24/7 and I'm sure you would find out different if they are left outside. Second of all it is just gross to see dog & human tonguing.

Blessed said...

I shouldn't even comment because I am not even a dog person, but I had to. Of course, I think the dog kissing is gross, but I also think it is gross when you let your dog lick your toes. (Amanda) What do you think, Jesse?

Julie said...

I think you should ask Charles about this topic.

melanie said...

Jesse, I have to say...you have made a great point. I am not a dog person but it is true that who knows what they have eaten or licked when we werent looking. "The same could go for a child!" you dog lovers are saying...but reallys it's not the same. :)

and the as for AI and the crying girl...is her Daddy the camera guy for AI? Did we get enough shots of her??? How embarrrassed will she be when she is out of the awkward pre teen stage?? Plus, get the girl a tranquilizer...SHEESH! Jambaliya (Sanjaya) ain't all that.

enough ramblings...but both issues struck a cord!


Brooke said...

you can guess I'm FIRMING TOTALLY against this. i have never even come close to kissing a dog on the mouth - mostly because lightly petting on top of the head is the closest I get. not an animal person, sorry.

Brooke said...

Sorry above should read "FIRMLY TOTALLY" - weird typo there.

Please see my correction about the crying girl.

Tesney said...

Even worse: eating after your pets. I have seen someone let their dog lick their ice cream cone then the person kept right on eating it. What kind of sicko does that?!

Mommy of Boys said...

Disclaimer: This has nothing to do with your post...but I LOVE your new picture!

Kristy said...

I am against dog-kissing on the mouth, but...have you ever heard that a dog's mouth is cleaner than our own? My Maggie is a bit of a licker, and watch out--she'll try to kiss you wherever she can. :)

Katie Land said...

I am definitely not a fan of kissing a dog on the mouth... that is gross. Actually i am not much of an animal lover, but I do like small to med dogs. Ed and I have been talking about getting one, but then should we get two??? Who knows. About lunch, lets definitely set something up for next week. This week has been nuts. I hate Sanjia- I refuse to watch the show if he stays on much longer and if he wins, the show as we know it will be over I am sure.

the robertsons said...

I always heard that a dog's mouth was cleaner than a human's mouth. But, I don't remember eating my own excrement lately. Do you?

amber said...

I do not know the people who posted that a dog's mouth is cleaner than a human's mouth but that is ABSOLUTELY FALSE. A vet. told me. I mean just think about it, what a crazy thing to assume. I agree, very gross to kiss a dog but yet, I too see people do it all the time... even my in-laws!

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