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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A Little Peace of Heaven

Pun intended.

Here's what's kept us occupied during our Celebratory Anniversary Week...
(Also known as: Just What I Needed!)

Extra tidbits regarding this subject:
  • Yes, the weather in Destin seems to be quite superior to Hawaiian so-called heaven. (What?? You never heard that story? Well, that's for another day...)
  • This vacation was made possible by a good friend's family beach house and its state of STINKING AWESOMENESS, as attested by the above view from the second story balcony.
  • Evidently, if the sun feels as if it has been ignored by you for the past year, it will fully assault you as soon as it is able. SPF 45 is no match for that scorned ball of fire.
  • Our wedding cake was indeed eaten after being defrosted roughly a year after it was frozen. I am sorry to say that IT was NOT a piece of heaven. It was still pretty okay, but it had "a funny aftertaste." That has been enough to keep me from touching it again. Oh well...at least the memory of that one bite from the reception was heavenly.
  • I will never let my high school teenager go to the beach on spring break with his/her friends. One word: DEBACLE. On more than one occasion, I have thought of dumping the aforementioned wedding cake off of the aforementioned balcony onto the loud and rambunctious college and/or high school Girls (and Boys) Gone Wild. I imagined the satisfied grin that would spread across my face as the seagulls swooped down to eat cake out of their hair. Then, the gulls would realize the cake was a year old and they would puke all over those MTV-Spring-Break-Wannabe kids. And after I caught it on video with my camera phone, it would make me famous on YouTube. If only...
  • You know you really needed a vacation when it takes you at least a day and a half to start relaxing enough to enjoy the vacation!
  • The beach is never overrated. Never. (A flooded Kauai on your honeymoon is the only exception.)
  • Driving on an empty pitch-black country road at 2am is really freaky. Seeing about 40 deer on the side of the road during this time frame is even freakier.
  • Never shop at outlet stores when you are feeling insecure about wearing a new clothes size after seeing one billion tan college girls who wear size 0.004. You are guaranteed nothing will fit because outlets carry those funky-fitting reject clothes, which will only make matters of self-esteem worse. Trust me on this one.
I'm so glad to have had the privilege of being married to a sweet, supportive, 100% selfless (even when the Mavs play the Suns, which is saying a lot), skilled in driving (even though I don't act like it when I am in the passenger seat because I am a freak), thrifty, optimistic, very very clean, manly, athletic, intelligent, good-looking (ok, just plain hot!) husband who puts the Lord first in his life and in our marriage. Oh, was I bragging? Good, I meant to. Married life for a year (and counting!) has been quite extraordinary in many ways. I can't imagine sharing that with anyone else. I love you Nick!! (Now don't go looking on HIS blog for anything special...it's all about bracketology. He is still male, after all!)

Now if you will excuse me, a moonlit ocean is demanding my admiring gaze.


Tesney said...

1. I hate you
2. Not really...just jealous.
3. Happy anniversary!

Brooke said...

glad you guys have had fun. see you in a few!

melanie said...

Congrats on a year. :) Your writing is so funny. I love reading your blog.


Blessed said...

Oh, I am sooo jealous! Hope you had nice weather. Come visit when you get back. I'm all cooped up in this house for a few more weeks. I'd love to hear all about your trip!

Larissa Smith said...


Julie said...

In my Napoleon Dynamite voice, "lucky!!!!"

In my actual voice, stomping my feet and waving my fists in the air, "JEALOUS JEALOUS JEALOUS!!! Charles, I wanna go to Destin!!! Nick took Jesse!!! Please! Can we? Can we? Pretty please???"

See you soon.

My type in word verification for this is "awsum"...I love that thing!

Ashley @ pure and lovely said...

ha! glad yall had fun. your ehilarious. nice pic. lov eth story ab the puking sea gulls on the sinful mtv losers. sweet.

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