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Friday, February 16, 2007

The Vermonster Experience

The pictures do not do it justice. It was the largest sundae I have ever co-eaten.

I actually believed Nora Conway might fit inside this bucket if we squished her in real good...

Here is the Vermonster at its finished state. Well, there were about 3 more inches of ice cream plus one brownie left, but no one was brave enough to finish it. (We dumped it the rest in the trash can while no one was looking...you have to hand them the empty bucket to get it up on the wall with your names signed on it.)

Our undeserving prize...the signed bucket. Look for our Sharpied names the next time you visit the Ben & Jerry's by the Paradiso! (And for all you old people who read this and think, "Nick is only 25?!!" I am right there with ya...This OLD 26.5 year-old believes he is so much wiser than his years!!) PS: The really funny thing about the last picture is that most of the buckets were signed for little Johnny's 5th Birthday Party. The oldest and most rare bucket was someone's Sweet Sixteen Party. Well I guess we blew them out of the water, huh?


Larissa Smith said...

There's nothing like being young at heart!

BTW, I just turned 25 in November and Kyle will take that plunge this summer, so we're glad to know our fellow young-uns!

lee said...

I remember when I was 25;
I was catching up with one of my friends from high school on the phone one day--that's back when you had to sit in one place inside to have a conversation--and she said to me,
Just think! In 15 years, we'll be 40."

That thought just blew my mind!
Now that I'm 15 years on the other side of 40, I've still not recovered--it must have altered my brain chemistry.

Amanda's News said...

Wow! That looks like the biggest sundae ever. I will have to tell Matt to take me there for my birthday....I just love sundaes! I wonder if I could down that on my own?? Happy late b-day to Nick.

Julie said...

I can't decide if that looks really good and I would gobble it up or if I want to barf. I would probably eat it.

angie c said...

It looks like a big blob of goo.

My theory is that if Kevin wasn't lactose intolerant, he could have finished it for sure. Boo. :)

Tesney said...

I can't decide if that makes me hungry because it's so dang sinful or completely grossed out by the fact that everyone dips into it and shares their cooties.

Julie said...




Jesse Faris said...

Just for the record everyone, we used a clean spoon to scoop out of the big bucket and ate from our own personal bowls.

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