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Friday, January 26, 2007

An Absent Mind

Do you ever have those moments when you feel like you checked your brain at the door? Well, this week has merely been a stringing together of many of those moments.

Here are just some of the crazy things I have done this week while my brain has (apparently) been on vacation:
  • I just realized that I have spent half the day with my fly unzipped on my jeans! This would not be so bad except that I spent Tuesday evening (at a dinner party!) and Wednesday afternoon (at work again) in this particular fashion as well.
  • Yesterday I was driving to work and realized that I had forgotten to brush my teeth. About 20 minutes later, I realized I had also forgotten to apply deoderant.
  • I was leaving the office for lunch with a friend the other day and for the life of me, I could not find my keys. I finally discovered them in my office door. Later that same day, I accidentally left my house keys in the lock outside of my door while I was inside the house until a while later when I needed to run an errand and started looking for them.
  • I left the oven on all through dinner last night and didn't realize it was still on until I let the dog out during a TV break later that evening.
  • I started rewashing a frying pan I was supposed to be putting away from where it had been drying on a towl next to the sink.
  • I decided to make cookies for a friend's birthday yesterday and started getting out all of the ingredients and realized I didn't have enough butterscotch chips. I drove to Target, picked up the necessary ingredients, returned home, and then realized I was out of sugar. Nick had just gotten home at that time, so I sent him back out for the sugar. While he was at the store, I realized I was out of parchment paper. I called him on his cell and asked him to add that to his list. When he returned home with my needed items, I continued preparing the recipe, only to find that I almost out of vegetable oil and oatmeal! (Luckily, I just made do and the cookies turned out fine.)
  • I had a 6pm meeting on Wednesday and had recruited 3 other people to come to it (to help on a projct) as well (one of them being Nick). 2 of our friends would not be able to make it, so I agreed to pick up their packets of information for them. At 6:30pm that evening, I was clearing dinner dishes from the table and realized I had flat out forgotten about the meeting. (Whereas, the week before I had gotten ready for the meeting and realized it wasn't until the following week!)
What is wrong with me?! I guess I need to start taking some ginseng (or whatever that herb is that helps with your memory)!

What are some absentminded moments YOU'VE had recently?


Heather said...

That is hilarious! I can definitely identify. I've always been pretty absent-minded. I have to have one of those stupid badges to get in the door at work and I can't tell you how many times I've forgotten it. I'm notorious at leaving the iron plugged in. Thank goodness for auto shut-off!
Oh and I wouldn't know myself, but I hear from those who have been in "a family way" that "absentmindedness" is an early sign. Hmm... just something to think about. :)

Tesney said...

Ummmm, are you pregnant? Because it gets really bad then...and even worse after the baby. A list of things I've lost/forgotten since Clayton:

-a $100 gift certificate to the mall (I think I threw it away with some junk mail)
-a bag containing my blood glucose monitor & Palm at my fav restaurant. :)
-sunglasses (O.K., this is nothing new, but still...)
-my favorite maternity shirt (how do you lose that?!)

I've also arrived at the checkout counter with a cart full of groceries, checked out, and realized I didn't have any cash, a checkbook OR credit card on me...just a diaper bag. Boy, I got some evil eyes from the cashier. I've also forgotten appointments with clients (not good). These are just the things I can remember. Of course there are more, but I'm so absentminded that's all I've got for now. And sorry I'm so long-winded.

Jesse Faris said...

Preggers, really? Oh my, let the rumors begin!

For the record, both my mom AND my mother-in-law read this. NOTHING HAPPENING, MOMS!

lee said...

I can't honestly say the thought didn't cross my mind...

Julie said...

sounds like preggers...

Larissa Smith said...

I ALWAYS leave the oven on after taking out whatever was cooking. Kyle can affirm this, and it began before pregnancy.
There was also the time (years ago, when I wore contacts), that my sister and I had walked out of the house to leave for school (I was driving) and realized I had neither my contacts in or glasses on. I had gotten ready without them, so had gotten used to it being blurry, but realized the car looked strange, because I couldn't see it! I am nearly blind, so this was a major oversight.

Mommy of Boys said...

I agree that the memory is terrible when you're pregnant...so you'll be in REAL trouble, Jess!

Josh said...

So the other morning, I was driving to work and then I realized, I wasn't in my car and there were no keys in it. And then I remembered I had watched 24 the night before and learned how to hotwire a car in the Target parking lot. And as soon as I realized all this .... well that's when I saw the flashing lights!!!

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