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Monday, December 11, 2006

Have Your Cake and Eat It for Breakfast

Leftover cookies that I baked for the Cookie Exchange. 20 bags of cookies from the Cookie Exchange. Leftover peppermint fudge that I made for our Sunday School Christmas Party. Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls and Sugar Cookies sent by Nick's mom to our house. These are the items that I choose from for my breakfast each morning. Can we say Holiday 50?!

On a different note, I thought I'd post a little "before and after" of our bathroom project today. I am a firm believer that the two most important rooms in a house (and the first that should be renovated if one is afforded that luxury) are (1) The Kitchen and (2) The Master Bathroom. Both are rooms that you use all the time, every day. Both are rooms that if decorated/organized well and to your liking, can make you feel like a Queen. Any other room in the house can be "faked" For example, need a living room endtable? A wooden crate with a pretty fabric over it will fool everyone! A daybed can be faked as a sofa. The only thing you really need in your bedroom is your bed. Need an oven that will bake 120 cookies or a bathtub that can soothe your half-marathon aches and pains? No faking there!

We have kind of a sad pitiful bathroom. The toilet is leaky and the walls were scuffed up. Our shower walls are vinyl. We have "The Oldest Bathroom Mirror Known to Man" plastered to the wall, and it refuses to be removed. Please don't take this as complaining. I'm just trying to list the former state of affairs. In our current state, things have improved immensely. First there was the sweet big momma shower head that I brought in. (A very worthy purchase from my college duplex days.) Then there were the little skinny shelves I put on the wall opposite the toilet for some toiletry storage space. And getting married improved things--a new white seersucker shower curtain & new towels. (New towels are worth getting married for any day!) But the paint just made me happy. It feels very rich and rainforesty in there to me now. We scrubbed all the grody mold off of the ceiling and painted it a fresh white color (with a non-molding formula). We repainted the door and doorway trim a fresh white to cover up the former fingerprinty dirty white. And perhaps the biggest improvement for such a small change: we painted the fake wood cabinet under the sink a fresh new white and got a fancy new toilet paper holder. Yay! Everything is clean and new and islandy.

Three more things that I will do (or, more accurately, get my sweet husband to do) in the bathroom if I get the chance:
  • Replace the almost-not-working doorknob
  • Put a cabinet up over the toilet for a few towels, etc.
  • Put ferns in the window in our shower.... Currently there is a white cafe curtain there, but when we were in Hawaii for our honeymoon, we visited this spa that had little personal stone grotto showers that had moss and vines growing out of them and it felt so exotic! I feel like the ferns could help me go there in my mind. ha! (Plus they would always be well misted with water!)
Many thanks go to Nick for reminding me that (1) I cannot complete big projects in one evening, and (2) For helping keep me motivated to finish the project that I could not complete in one evening!


khovater said...

Jess, I can't see the pics!! Help!!

angie c said...

me either, can't see them.

Jesse Faris said...

Ok girlies...I reposted the pics. Did it work?

khovater said...

yes! It looks awesome!! What is that color called?

Ashley @ pure and lovely said...

love the green. its swell. and i agree with the rooms thing, though i also think the living room/den area is just as important....;)

Katie Land said...


Katie Land said...

I laughed out loud at your "little ray" story. You are the queen blogger. Thanks for adding me to your list. Now that I am added I really have to step up my game and blog more. I am a huge fan of home projects, so I definitely love that your bathroom story. The green looks great. You guys did a great job.

Tesney said...

Green is my fav color so I love this redo! I have a funny story about redoing my bathroom that I'll post sometime. I thought I could paint both of the bathrooms in our house in one day...HA!

Glad you loved the cookies! No credit necessary...make the recipe your own...I'm just glad you liked them. And it doesn't hurt that they're healthy, right? ;)

Jesse Faris said...

Tesney, I renamed the cookies "Heavenly Saint Cookies" because they taste heavenly and make you feel like a saint! ;)

Several of our friends at the party are pregant and I was going on and on about how they were going to get their folic acid from the wheat germ!

Julie said...

I am so impressed that that is your bathroom! It looks FABULOUS! It suits your personality and you (which I miss) so much!

Blessed said...


I love it! It looks like the green that I WANTED my kitchen to be, but it turned out much darker. You are a project queen. I love seeing your befores and afters.

lee said...

whew-hoo! I know that old bathroom!
from the drains to the toilet bolts...

That great new paint color reminds me of the green in our kitchen--the store mixed it up special after I made several trips to tweak it--and then they named it maddox green.
I thought that was so cool, to have a paint color named after us.
how hard is that??

(I've painted over most of maddox green, by the way--with Ralph Lauren's Desert Dusk--you'll see.)

word for the day is mogzu

lee said...

ogicic is even better!

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