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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Gag Me!

As Nick and I were finishing up "The Family Stone" last night, I realized a great truth in my life:

It doesn't matter what kind of day I've had, how I feel, how good or bad the film or tv show is/was...You can always get me with a Gag Reel.

No really. I could feel grumpy, lonely, tearful, whatever... gag reels have me smiling in seconds. I just can't help it. All of those actors are busting up laughing. They slip down the stairs or trip over they're feet. But all that laughing just has me smiling and giggling regardless.

It's like how you find yourself smiling along when you watch other people having their picture taken.

Why don't YOU take a few minutes and smile along with some bloopers from the golden days... Enjoy!


angie c said...

Hey, we own Merry Christmas Charlie Brown (it was my first Christmas gift to Kevin when we were dating) and how convenient that you will at my house Christmas Eve!! It's a double date. Good herb roasted turkey, dressing, potatoes, and Charlie Brown. Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

I cannot get my other comments to post, but I said that After working on my blog, I have no idea how you get all of this extra stuff on yours. I may need a blogging 101 session!!


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