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Saturday, October 07, 2006

zoe & photosynthesis

well, as a last minute decision, i picked up and came to nashville yesterday afternoon in order to attend the zoe worship conference. i am loving it so far, plus i am staying with my dear buddy (and old roomie from college) lori thomas. she makes me happy.

the leaves were about one week shy of being gorgeous when i drove over here yesterday, and it kind of surprised me. the weather had been getting gloriously crisp in memphis and then we just had a (typical) heat wave come through this past week with 85-90 degree weather. evidently the leaves just don't care, because all the way to nashville i was exclaiming "beautiful!" out loud in the car. the tips are fringed all kinds of golds and oranges and reds and every now and then there would be a small section with blazing color.

i kind of feel like my life is like that lately. ready and ripe for change...about a week shy from being in the full spectrum of this season we're in. tuesday will be a year from when we got engaged. what a WILD year it has been! this first year of marriage (the first 7 months at least) have been such a learning experience...sometimes really hard and sometimes really joyful. all the time really great. if iron sharpens iron, it's a wonder we haven't burned down our house with all of the sparks flying around!! but it really has been great and i have experienced a lot of personal change and sharpening and refining through the whole process. so when i say i am ripe for change, i mean that there are just things about me and about nick&me that feel like they are just like those almost-fall leaves. slowly yet rapidly changing into something beautiful.

(the analogy stops there, by the way. i really hope we don't turn brown and dead and fall off the tree or anything, and i don't forsee that happening!)

i'm being refreshed by amazing worship this weekend...i hope you will take time to refresh your connection to the Lord sometime this weekend too!


Ashley @ pure and lovely said...

yay! glad youre having fun!

Julie said...

so sad that I missed zoe. especially since you went. my first time in five years not to go. it's much harder to get there when you don't live in memphis. sigh. the list of "things that make me sigh about leaving memphis" keeps getting longer.

did you have a great experience?

miss you guys. look forward to our conference call in a couple nights. i keep thinking about how funny/stupid Michael on the Office is when he conference calls Jan or somebody. I will try not to be as offensive!

Kristy said...

Love your ripe and ready for change analogy. Definitely resonating with where I want to be...

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