a little and a lot

Monday, October 16, 2006

rainy monday

it's pretty nasty out my office window today. a high of 68 degrees sure feels a lot colder when wind is full force and the sun is not. days like today are meant to be spent inside under the covers with a good book.

[i'm supposed to make up a long run of 6 miles from the weekend today and i'm kind of dreading it a little. training for the half marathon is not as a great as it was 2 years ago but better than last year so i guess that's good.]

i am so mad about how influenced i am by the weather. it is completely true that on days like today i just want to be blah and cozy. in contrast, when the sun is out, the skies are blue, and the temperature is perfect, i would give anything to be able to take a nice long run outside or take my dog for a walk or have a picnic with my hubby. a common denominator among both of these scenerios is that in neither instance do i wish to be in my grey-khaki office under flourescent lights working like a busy bee. hmmm....


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