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Friday, October 13, 2006

inspi(red), indeed!

well, it's here. i am all about this concept and cause:

gap has just released their new line of products called "(RED)." spearheaded by bono, this label benefits the fight against HIV/AIDS in africa among several product labels, including motorola, american express, armani, converse, apple, and now gap. buying a (RED) product from gap will result in 50% of the profits going straight to africa to buy medicine for people who need it. how's that for smart shopping?

below is the (RED) website's manifesto:
(click on it to see a larger picture..)


Brooke said...

this stuff is awesome... have you seen the red nano- I LOVE IT. the plain white ones are so, like, last week.

khovater said...

I totally saw all this stuff on Oprah last week. Love Bono and the t-shirts are really cute. I love the Nano too, but my old white will have to do. I am sad.

blessed said...

I saw it on Oprah too!! I think it is the coolest idea ever. I tried to buy a tshirt online, but they were sold out. That's pretty cool that they were sold out though. But, they emailed me yesterday and they are back in the stores! So, shop away!


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