a little and a lot

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

we've only just begun...

wow. what a doozy of a game...way to squeak through auburn!

today's post is in honor of the season of television premieres! yahooo!

nick and i just watched "studio 60 on the sunset strip" last night and it is fantastic. i am really excited about watching this show. it is like "the west wing" (from the writers of "the west wing" actually) only it's about behind the scenes of a television show. the tv show it's portraying is just like "saturday night live." it's in big trouble because it's not funny anymore and someone in charge of the show causes a major fiasco. enter: amanda peet (lovely, just lovely!), matthew perry, and bradley whitford. i really enjoy the witty and complex characters in the show (including sarah paulson's character, who is a christian in the biz), and i am looking forward to scrutinizing the what-happens-behind-the-cameras scene in television. veeeery interesting.

later this week: thursday. not just any normal day. the day of "the office," grey's anatomy," "six degrees," and "er" premieres. hold on to your hats.


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