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Saturday, September 16, 2006

ps: i chopped my hair

todays' highlight and activity that all others are centering around:
auburn versus lsu at home.

#3 vs. #6. oh yeah.

i'm about to run to the store to pick up the appropriate gameday food:
  • strawberries
  • cream
(for my famous saturday brunch scrambled eggs & buckwheat pancakes...don't scrunch your nose...they are healthy AND yummy!)
  • rotel & velveeta
  • tostitos multigrain chips
(for the always yummy rotel dip)
  • pillsbury chocolate chip cookie dough, the ones that are ready to just pop in oven
(i can not make homemade cookies better than these!)
  • a bag of apples
(for my fresh off the stove homemade applesauce...warm and cinnamon-y...it's the taste of fall in one bite!)

these items may not sound like they go together, but you must keep in mind that this is a 3 hour game! (and au/lsu has a history of overtimes in the past several years) we will start with brunch (kind of late today because nick is working until 2) and then move on to some snacking items.

oh yes, and as to not leave you hanging too much...the subject line is true. my hair has been down to the middle of my back for over a year now and it was time. it is currently up to my chin, and a little shorter in the back as of friday when i made the big chop. it feels GREAT! before and afters coming soon...


Mommy of Boys said...

WAR EAGLE, baby! We watch all Auburn games with the Stancils, since we're like the only people cheering for them here in T-town!

I, too, want the homemade applesauce recipe. The boys would love it.

Anonymous said...

k...just posted a long comment. this one had better work. gah. when are they fixing this??

sorry. had to gripe. i got your message on sat. too little too late. sorry. ill call you this week to catch up cause we need to chat. oh and we totally barely won that game. oops! oh well.

congrats on the choppage of the hair. awesome. im tempted. but im growin it out for love. locks of love.

angie c said...

Love your hair. So cute.

Happy running this week. Will call to run with you. . .

Tesney said...

No comment on Auburn...we can be friends in the blog world but football is a different story. JUST KIDDING! I also love gameday (Alabama of course) because of the food and we ALWAYS have rotel. YUM!

I also just chopped my hair even more. It was a very controversial move at our house...Greg loves long hair...he wasn' too jazzed about it. Post some pics so we can see it!

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