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Monday, June 12, 2006

wearing the shirt at the event

well, workcamp 06 has come and gone. i really missed not being able to get out in the hot blazing sun and scrape those houses. no, really...i'm actually being serious. but nick did a fabulous job as a team leader, and i'm proud of him.

my quick topic of the day is about the delicate line between coolness and way UNcoolness when you wear a shirt at the event it is promoting. i have strong feelings about this. in general, i think wearing the shirt at the event is NOT COOL. i was reminded of this at workcamp, as they passed out tshirts and kids automatically put their new shirts on right over the ones they were already wearing, just so they could wear their brand new shirt. that just screams uncoolness to me, guys. agree/disagree? i still think it is equally unacceptable to receive a shirt at an event that lasts multiple days and to wear it at the event later on in the week. this communicates to me personally that the person forgot to pack enough clothes. it is just NOT okay to wear the shirt at the event.

i go out of my way to make sure this doesn't happen. in fact, i usually have a "one week waiting period" between the event and when i allow myself to wear the shirt, no matter how cool it is. there are exceptions to this rule, of course. one would be when you are required to wear the shirt to the event, such as the last night of workcamp or the first day of traveling to belize with hyg (on both occasions, the participants are expected to wear their event shirt). another exception i have made is after running the st. jude half marathon last year and the year before, i was so stinking proud of myself for completing it (and cold for having run 13.1 miles in december weather) that i wore that long-sleeve event shirt for the rest of the day.

of course there is one obvious exception to the rule, which is pictured above. it is ALWAYS okay to support a sporting event by wearing the event shirt to the event. this can be any team paraphanlia, even a gameday shirt. in fact, if a person is at a sporting event without so much as wearing the team colors, i often make the assumption that they don't really care about the game they are watching or the team they are supposedly supporting.

perhaps this is controversial? what do you think?
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Julie said...

I am totally with you! It screams of social desperation. I used to laugh so hard at all the girls in college who wore the t-shirts they got the night before at the social event the night before. Especially when it was from a fraternity outing! Or when you run a race and the next day at the mall you see people wearing the race shirt..."look at me...I'm an awesome race runner!" Sporting events are the only acceptable one.

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