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Friday, June 09, 2006

for now...

so i got reeeeally bored at work today and changed up the look of my blog. except i have one problem: i would really like to use a specific font that doesn't show up unless people have it in their computer. is there a way to fix that, my dear computer savvy friends?

until then, you can go to this website and download the font to get the "right look." it's called "bewitched," and you should unzip the file and put it in your fonts file, which is in your windows file, which is under your c: drive. got it?


Ashley @ pure and lovely said...

niiice new design. nice colors, too. i have been wanting to read marly and me. tell me if its any good!!!

khovater said...

Okay Jess, I don't really understand the font thing that I need to do but what I am seeing now makes me sqwint (sp?) really hard. I talk to Steven about this font issue.

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