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Thursday, June 29, 2006

calling all flip flop fans

is anyone interested in participating in a flip flop exchange? a friend got me involved, and i thought i'd put some feelers out there for who might be interested in getting one of my letters.

here's what's involved:
1. you buy ONE pair of flip flops and send them to the #1 name on the letter i send you.
2. you move your name to the #2 position and send the letter to six friends.
3. the best part: you get 36 PAIRS OF FLIP FLOPS in return!

i am usually not a fan of these deals, but dude...i love flip flops. and think of all of the kinds you could get just for buying one pair! i personally am sending my person a really unique and funky pair just for kicks. i went ahead and spend about $10 on them, but hey...that makes the 36 pairs i will receive in return about 28 cents apiece!

okay, so who's in?


Unknown said...

I may be interested.
Let me know when/if you actually get anything. This feels a little like fourth grade...I like it.

Julie said...

I AM IN!!! Even if I blow 10-20 bucks and I get just 2 or 3 pairs the mail, that is still big fun!!!

Ashley @ pure and lovely said...

haha! Did kristy send you the letter? Or did I? OOOH if Kristy sent it to you or Cortney that means you have my name!!! That means theyll be really cute!!! yessss. i think I was going to send it to you but couldnt find your address...so needless to say, I have already gotten the letter twice and am now waiting on (supposedly) 72 pair...I will probably only get like two but ya know...Ill let you know how my turn out goes...a friend of mine who was on the list in front of me has already gotten like six pait, and even if you only get two you still do more than break even!

Kristy said...

Sad. I stink at these things. I'm the reason nobody ever gets flipflops... Sorry, Ash.

mguinn said...

i may be interested as well....

khovater said...

I will think about it. Sorry my cognitive reading skills are a little lacking today. I don't understand how this all works.

Ashley @ pure and lovely said...

abort! abort! I sent the letter TWICE because I got TWO like three weeks ago. NO FLIPFLOPS=stupid sham and being thoughtful with no returns. oh well.

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