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Thursday, April 06, 2006

three secret delights

i am occasionally known for being pretty open about things i like. today, i'd briefly like to share about 3 secret delights, unknown to possibly even my dear husband.

Posted by Picasa 1. starbucks iced chai. an sippable form of spring. what better thing than to sit on the starbucks patio, plastic cup with beaded moisture in hand, reading a book for pleasure...light and refreshing. yummy!

Posted by Picasa 2. purell instant hand sanitizer moisture therapy. brooke and i both keep a tube of this in our desks. it is the perect thing to quickly slather on one's hands before eating a la baguette chicken salad sandwich (on baguette) at one's desk. and those hands will stay nice and moisturized due to the lotion-y of this sweet sanitary nectar.

Posted by Picasa 3. nerds ropes. okay, i know i am a sicko. but ocasionally the youth ministry of the church i work at (one of them!) gets boxes of candy, and we've had these nerds ropes sitting in a drawer for awhile. last week, i was needing a little afternoon pick-me-up. i turned to the nerds ropes. surprisingly tasty! don't knock it till you try it. do i know how much sugar is in one of those? 22 grams. and that's the point.


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p.s. Martha has a blog now. I can't freaking find it.

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