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Monday, April 10, 2006

no kidding

Posted by Picasa the day is coming, my friends. and it is no joke. the annual ben & jerry's FREE CONE DAY.

i thought it was a spoof. surely it could not be a reality. yet, out of sheer curiosity, nick and i drove there last year with our dog (owens) and a friend (michael daniel). our eyes were met with an amazing sight. a stinking LONG line leading to b&j's, filled with customers ready to receive their free scoops. employees mingled with customers, handing out a (full) menu of available flavors and telling us YES, it was good and it was true. i received a rather large scoop of "the last straw" in a cone.

and as we stood there in the newly warm spring air, we felt inspired. though they closed at 9pm, surely we could make it back through the line in time for another free scoop. whatdya say? "mango lime sorbet" was calling my name. this time through, i made sure to get a little scoop of vanilla frozen yogurt for my hungry puppy.

i am thrilled to announce that april 25 is free cone day this year. click here to find a ben & jerry's near you. everyone and their dog will be there (literally), but it's well worth it!


Unknown said...

Wow. Think of me... I heart Phish food.

Kristy said...

Thanks, man. Don't want to miss out on that one... What time would you recommend going?

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