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Thursday, April 27, 2006

my new obsession

hilarious, i know. but yes, i am now addicted to xbox.

i have always been daunted by video games. as a fairly uncoordinated girl, i have no place in the realm of halo2, ncaa football, or the like. i am *that* person who moves the whole controller when she's only supposed to move the little joystick. i am *that* person who pushes the buttons so hard her little thumbs turn red. i need not go on...you get the picture.

i asked my computer/video game genius brother to show me how to play halo2 once, when i had first started dating nick and the game had just debuted. he laughed hilariously as i made it my goal to hide behind rocks and pillars. i hate the element of surprise in those games--someone could kill you with a sniper rifle from across the room and you'd never see it coming! ew! i doubt i even have to tell you that my attempt to impress my new boyfriend with halo skills was quite short-lived.

imagine my surprise when nick, in an effort to have some recreational companionship, showed me how to play tiger woods golf on xbox and I WAS ACTUALLY ALMOST GOOD! i played with him over the next few days as my interest grew.

this past week, nick convinced me that buying an xbox game with a wal-mart gift card was a good idea. and thus, the love affair began. we purchased "burnout 3: takedown." oh my goodness. this game is SO FUN.

the whole POINT of the game is to wreck your car. you try to steer your shiny new car into the worst, messiest wreck possible. the more money in damages, the better. i am awesome at this game!!

i have a feeling that my overcompensation on the controller actually helps me win the races. if you race against other people, you get points for almost hitting someone or for slamming into an opponent and making them flip off of the road. since i am such a spaz when i am driving, the xbox thinks that i am actually GOOD, when in reality i am just driving a video game car like a girl!

since i got married, i set a new tradition to come home from work every afternoon and drink a cup of tea while i read a little bit of a book or magazine. it is quite relaxing. this tradition is getting quickly replaced however by wrecking cars. it is great therapy.
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mguinn said...

i love this. i love that you love video games now! LOVE IT

Kristy said...

haha! i love this post. i can see you bodily moving the controller. very awesome...

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