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Monday, April 24, 2006

it's all happening

well, the guinn/jerkins grand gala wedding has come and gone. leslie jerkins is mexico soaking up rays on the beach and here i am in my office just thinking about how lovely the wedding was. it was such a fun weekend.

it was neat to participate in another wedding so soon after my own...and this time i got to eat cake! i have admit that in my own wedding i was cool as a cucumber, but i actually got nervous this time around! regardless, it was such a fun weekend and an honor to be an official witness to the beginning of a marriage.

i teared up during the ceremony just thinking of all of the times i've had with leslie way "back in the day." lying in her bed on a saturday morning talking about who she was crushing on. praying through spiritual deserts in our lives. making big decisions about where she would go to college and who was "the one." (i'm so glad, for the record, that jonathan IS!) from riding on trains in france and playing silly games to riding down the ocoee river and trying to keep the raft guide from flirting with her, leslie is one special friend in my life.

here are some more pictures of our special weekend: the first was taken at the rehearsal dinner, the second was before the wedding, and the last three were taken at the reception on the roof of the peabody hotel! (ps: i stole all of these from brooke!)

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Ashley @ pure and lovely said...

loooove those bridesmaids dresses! oh to do it all over again...

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