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Thursday, April 20, 2006


Posted by Picasa okay, ready for this one?
5 reasons why nick faris is like michael vaughn:

1. the hair

2. the jaw

3. the heart-melting laugh lines on the side of the mouth

4. they both had to get a shot (needle) in their eye. (this particular vaughn picture is actually from that episode...)

5. they are both so tough that sometimes they get cuts on their faces.

Posted by Picasa when i first started dating nick (which was the week before this picture was taken), i was very taken with how much he resembled my favorite television star. as time has passed, though i still (obviously) maintain my fake tv crush, i have decided that nick faris is actually way better than michael vaughn/vartan.

here's why:
1. vaughn actually wasn't tough enough to get the shot in his eye. nick totally was.

2. nick smiles and laughs a lot more than michael vaughn.

3. would vaughn make coffee for his wife every morning, even if he doesn't even like drinking it? we'll never know, because he killed his only tv wife (even though she was evil) and then supposedly died on his almost-2nd-wife.

4. hockey is cool, but soccer is better.

5. nick has never had a life-threatening disease that made him bleed under his fingernails.


Kristy said...

how sweet of you...

Ashley @ pure and lovely said...

hahaha! he really does look like him! congrats on scoring a tv look alike hottie!!!

Chad Billy-Steve Pknicholson said...

Whatever. That guy looks like me!

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