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Tuesday, May 05, 2015

How You Can Be Awesome Today...

We've been making lists of what we need to do the second we get "the call."  And I finally read the "Liver Transplantation" guide given to us at the hospital--a medium-sized booklet full of info of the before's and after's of this new normal we're living in.  Oh man, do we have a lot of plates spinning right now, and while I'm eager for Brooklyn's health to be fully restored, I'm also able to be thankful on the days we don't get that call, because there's lots of TCB (taking care of business) to be done.

One of those pieces of business to be TC-ed is rallying our prayer warriors and sucker-punching the Enemy's attack.  Here's where you come in...

Would you commit to praying a verse of Scripture over us every day for 30 days starting with the day we receive "the call?"

1. Use an index cards or cut a regular sheet of paper in half (nothing larger please).
2. Write/type/paint/doodle/chicken scratch your committed verse onto both pieces of paper/cardstock.
3. Mail it to us in Chicago:
Brooklyn Faris
c/o April Clark
3539 W. Carroll Ave #2
Chicago, IL 60624

The verse can be primarily for/about Brooklyn (her health, her surgery, her life) or primarily for/about Nick & me (our family, fear & courage, strength, faith).  Whatever it is, when we say "Go!" you pray that verse over us every day for 30 days.  Write it on your calendar or set an alert in your phone.  And we will post your verse in Brooklyn's hospital room as a banner of prayer and protection and encouragement over our family.

We need this, friends.  God's hand through your prayers and encouragement have carried us through.  We know we can choose faith and courage over despair when you're standing with us.

Go ahead and send your verse NOW, because we have no idea when that call will come (it could be...now!  Or...now!  Well, I guess not, but it could also be...now!)  ;)  and we want your Scripture prayers to have gone before us, ready and waiting.

Feel free to send this to anyone and everyone--strangers-turned-new-friends are our favorite kinds of friends!  And thank you in advance.  You guys are clutch.  


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