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Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Closet Sale!

I'm in the middle of a great background story of "how it all started" with Brooklyn's adoption, so sit tight.  But in the meantime, I'm cleaning out our closets and I need your help!  I've mentioned it from time to time, but the little house we've rented for the past 10 (??!!) years is 900-square-feet.  That is not a typo.  We have 2 adults, 2 kids, and one large dog living up in here, and we have classic 1950's closets up in this joint.  (AKA: there is no wall just for my shoes nor is there any type of ottoman on which to sit and ponder wardrobe choices or really any walking-in-ability whatsoever.)  ;)

I've been watching a few friends and strangers on the interwebs as they've played around with the concept of "capsule closets."  I'm not sure I can get all of my clothes, outerwear, shoes, AND accessories down to 33 items (holy cow, that seems ambitious slash makes me feel like a clothes glutton!), but I have been ruthlessly making cuts in my closets to get myself close.

As a result, I have some favorite clothes that I can't bring myself to cast into a yard sale pile just yet because they are great clothes that just didn't make my "capsule" cut.  Would you help me out and take some into your closet and love them for me?

My closet sale is going up on Instagram at @shoprbcloset.  Here's how it works: find something you like, post your email address and your "bid" (and don't worry about offending me with a low bid--I would rather than sell than not at all!) and wait until the sale times out.  (My first one is over on Wednesday at 10p.)  If you get outbid, then jump back in or tap out.  I'll probably be taking unbid items over to Facebook in the final hours of the sale.

Right now I have spring/fall/winter items in small & medium sizes from J.Crew, Gap, Anthropologie, and Old Navy.  Help me in my quest for space and simplicity!   


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