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Saturday, August 23, 2014


Am I the only one with a regular technology conundrum?  I rarely use our laptop and almost NEVER use our desktop computer now that the trifecta of motherhood, i-devices, and the absence of sitting in an office are in my life.  It's amusing to me how many hours of my life USED to be spent in front of a computer screen compared with my present reality.  (This amusement is solely rooted in how I have lived two opposite lives, by the way, and not in any judgment towards those who spend their days at a desk.  Shoutout to myself circa 2005-2011!)

I live my entire life through my (now seemingly ancient) iPhone 4, and the two of us get along fine thankyouverymuch.  

Until I want to post on this blog.  All of my pictures are housed on the phone, but it takes a lot of thumb-power to type up a post on the Blogger app, not to mention my particular blog's quirky posting properties when pictures are involved.  (HTML editing is required on this thing any time I include a picture for some wonky reason.  Does this happen to anyone else??)

So, here we are.  I'm speed-typing along on our 9-year-old laptop and producing this photo-less post.  

So anyways, did you know I'm a preschool teacher now?  

It's a pretty sweet gig for a part-time job, although it IS a job.  I tried to trick myself into sliding into it last spring...you know, just do this little thing in the mornings for some extra money and it's only 8a-noon and I'll hardly notice the change, no big deal.  It'll just be stay-at-home-mom-life-as-usual with this little daily morning errand. 

Except it didn't really work like that.  Any scenario that requires me leaving my house with my child at 7:40am is going to be "noticed."  But we adjusted, and Rhet loves going to her new school (right down the hall from me!), and we love our new friends (grown-up and not), and it's a pretty good job as far as jobs go.

Rhet started Junior Kindergarten two weeks ago.  I really wish they didn't have to call it such a grown-up name.  "They" technically includes ME, because I am a teacher's aid in the other Jr K class.  I just think about it as JK, so it feels like "Just-Kidding-Kindergarten."  ;)  Little Girl is pretty much Big Girl now, and she cuts and glues and paints all on her own.  Four years old is really such a fun age to buddy around with.  We've fallen into a rhythm where we do our work/school in the morning, get our nap on after returning home, and then do a little play/craft time before it's time to start dinner.  

August has decided to finally gives us some summer weather, and I have to be honest in saying that I'm glad it happened after we went back to school.  Instead of figuring out something to do outside of our 900-sq-ft house that doesn't include melting, we spend our mornings in a centrally air-conditioned building.  So, thanks for that August.  


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