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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I love that the season of Thanksgiving and Advent are practically intertwined.  I find that most years I can identify with one more strongly than the other.

Last year (and the year before), Advent was on my heart as we waited.  We waited for the phone call that would introduce us to Rhet.  We waited for redemption of broken circumstances.  We identified with the longing for Christ's coming into the world.

It is difficult (though not impossible) to fill oneself with gratitude when you feel a longing for things to be made complete.  But this year, I carry Thanksgiving into the Advent season.  I remember what it felt like to wait with my life laid open to the writing of God's story...waiting for Him to write another word, complete another sentence, bring resolution to conflict.  And now I resonate with the words of my ancestors in the faith: "The Lord has done great things for us.  And we are filled with joy."

Rhet is entering the "NO!" phase of toddlerhood.  Yay.  ;)  And it is hitting at the most perfect time, because (most of the time...okay, some of the time) instead of feeling exasperated at the 154th "NO!" of the day (when she really means "Yes"), I feel an overflow of gratitude.  Last year, this baby girl was a stranger...today she is my daughter!  Last year, this baby girl was hungry...today she is asserting her desire to choose which foods she would like to eat!  Last year, we all longed for God to bring beauty from ashes...today I will rock my beauty to sleep, whispering that Mommy loves her, thanking God for making us a family.

There is the pain of "not yet" in the Advent season.  But for anyone who has seen God make a new creation, there is also joy in the anticipation that (as Louie Giglio says) "it will all be okay in the end...if it's not okay, then it's not the end."

You might remember this picture:
(circa Dec 2009 from this Jan 2010 post)

Well, now this sweet girl... 


...can enjoy this completed stocking:

Comfort AND joy--that's what Advent offers everyone.


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jesse. i love your guts. yours truly, jenna

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