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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Watch Out World...

...homegirl is WALKING!!!
We received pictures of our little lady today from a sweet family who visited Rhet's orphanage this past week. We gasped when we opened the images--she was standing with shoes on!

She looks like she just woke up from a nap in the photos--solemn and a little bewildered. She's wearing a little dress with tights, and her hair has grown--they had wrapped a fabric hair band around a liiiiiitle patch of hair in the front middle. She has her right fist closed (around a snack??) and her left hand is daintily stretched out to the side for balance.

I'm thinking I should TOTALLY enter her in the next Cutest Child contest that comes along. This is one proud momma!


Jennifer said...

I am thinking you should enter her in MENSA for babies... ;-) She is standing up (not supported)? Blows my mind. My boy is knocking on l6 months old and very content to sit.. for now. ;-)

You better secure everything in that house and get some sleep. She will be into everything I bet. There was a l2 month old at our transition home (girl) who was crawling everywhere. She is also going to be one to try to keep up with at home...

Jesse Faris said...

Wow, Jennifer. You really know how to freak a first-time momma out! ;)

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