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Monday, March 22, 2010

Method (Wo)Man

I am a long-time fan of the Method brand. They're green, clean, and they're packaging gets an A+ for awesomeness.

In honor of this time of the year (ahem, Spring Cleaning), here's a double thumbs-up for my fave products:
(I truly wish they paid me to say this...I simply love them this much!)

1. Laundry Detergent

This product is Method's newest and best. Doing the laundry just got five billion times easier. Click here to view the Method Laundry website, where you can find a coupon for $2 off! (But for the record, it's worth every full-priced penny!) I use the Fresh Air scent, which smells so laundry-fresh-off-the-line-ish, and I am so in love the squirt-pump they've added to the top that I want to marry it. I start the water running into the machine, grab the bottle out of the cabinet with one hand, pump 4x (still one hand), and in goes the laundry. Goes in dirty, comes out clean. Voila.

2. Lil' Bowl Blu + Tub & Tile Cleaner

Every Monday, I let Lil' Bowl Blu work it's magic. It's smells the way a bathroom cleaner should (fresh, minty?) but isn't filled with gross chemical madness. Now for my Swish & Swipe secret: (not really--I stole it from FlyLady) On following days of the week, I take the Tub & Tile Cleaner and spray it inside the toilet and swish it around with the brush. Then, I take an old rag and wipe down my sink and toilet with the T&T Cleaner. Result: a bathroom ready for any unexpected guest. Or just lil' ole me.

3. oMop Wood Floor Care Kit (Almond)
As proven in previous posts, my dogs can make my floors look disgusting without lifting a paw. Every Monday, I use the oMop with the almond-scented Wood Floor Cleaner. The mop pads that stick to the bottom of the oMop are reusable microfiber--just toss 'em in the wash after mopping and they're good as new for the next time. You're welcome, planet. And my floors look clean and shiny and smell like heaven! Here's to walking barefoot around the house!

PS: Congratulations for reading this far. Your reward is the latest news on our adoption : Still Waiting. Bet you wish you'd moved onto Pioneer Woman without wasting your time, eh? ;)


Martha said...

I recently purchased the bathroom goodies, and now you make me want to get the detergent and the wood floor cleaner (Gibson does a number on ours constantly).

love love method, too. Too bad we just started a new detergent bottle.. next time. :)

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