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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

P.S. If you carry on, I will too.

I don't know if you read NieNie, but I do. The subject line is from the bottom of her post from yesterday.

Carrying on. It's tough in February. Because I hate February.

I tried to sift through my February blog archives to come up with evidence of this. But apparently I've been too distracted these past few years and haven't felt the need to mention my least favorite month.
  • 2005 was all "Year of the Boyfriend"...blech/aww. (Although, don't go looking for it--my blog didn't come into existence until May '05.)
  • 2006 = "I'm getting married next month so who cares about February" (also known as "Pamper Yourself Month")
  • 2007 found me still in the newlywed era, a month before my fantastic 1-year Anniversary Beach Trip. (Incidentally, that was the last 1-week-long vacation that I've been on...)
  • 2008...had me a fancy (fairly) new job...traveled to small & obscure southern cities in neighboring states 'till I was blue in the face...training for my fancy new marathon in those fancy new hotel gyms.
  • 2009: "Isn't Bikhram Yoga great? By the way, I just ran a marathon and I'm awesome."

Hello, 2010. The real "me" is back from la-la land...here to stay.

It's grey. Cold. Rainy. Muddy. Snowy. Rainy. Grey. and Rainy. It makes me...seasonally blue.

I would say the word that rhymes with "predressed," but I'm too scared--that is a big deal when you're trying to adopt. (Did you know that? I didn't, until recently.) Other countries do NOT like the "D" word and there is major stigma attached to it. So for fear that someone will come to my house and stamp "Unacceptable Parent" on my front door, I'll just share with you that February makes me seasonally blue. Blue/grey. Mostly grey.

(WHY do I like the idea of painting a boy's nursery grey??? It would be eternal February in there! Have I gone insane??)

I have some Life Rules for February that I made up way back in '02 when I began my first "real world" job:
1. Don't ever quit your job (or give notice to quit your job) in February.
2. Don't ever make any other major life decisions in February.

That's it, really. Just don't quit. And don't change. In Feburary.

I hope I've been of inspiration to you. HA.
If I didn't succeed, you can check this out. If the sun ever comes out again, I'm thinking of having a (wading) pool party, temperature to be unregarded. You're invited.

And lest I forget...NieNie has promised that she'll carry on if I will. Maybe my antiFebruary problems aren't so bad after all...


Unknown said...

I'm hosting a giveaway in honor of you...to beat your blues.

the little things?

lee said...

Not that we want to dredge, but by any chance, have our biggest arguments been in Feb? It was really weird that our chat the other day twisted to our preferred burial styles.

Ashley @ pure and lovely said...

jesse-I always refer to this time as the duldrums of winter and totally feel your pain. This, also has coincided with my 6 month postpartum history of post partum "predression" as well. So, I'm the same way. I find that forcing myself to stay busy helps. You will be nothing but a wonderful parent. love you

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