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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cabin Fever Entertainment

It has looked like this since Friday evening.

Gorgeous, but we all know southerners are ill-prepared when it comes to ice & snow.
(By the way, what is the deal with rushing to the store for bread & milk?
If I get snowed in, I'd rather eat cupcakes & hot chocolate. Just sayin...)

What is there to do when you're trapped in 900 square feet of space for a whole weekend?
More importantly, what is there to do when your dogs are feeling equally cramped?

This is a classic game of "Moses places toy on lap and waits to be baited with it."
His eyes grow larger the closer the coveted toy gets to his face.
(Sorry for the dark picture--this was on Saturday pre-sunshine
when they icy grey was covering every living thing.)
What a cutie...


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