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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Five for Five

"From HIV to Home" is an organization that Nick & I support--I invite you to join them in this great initiative! World AIDS Day is on December 5th...

Only 15 days left til we raise our voices

for orphans around the world living with HIV...

Take this chance to spread the word today -

on your Facebook page, through twitter,

on your blog, with an email....

Invite those around you to join in.

Send them to www.fromhivtohome.org

and tell them to click on the World AIDS Day graphic.


lee said...

how about this?

a)bought boxes of "red" cards from hallmark (as you recommended)
b)address them next weekend, (being careful not to tread on Thanksgiving)
c)mail them in time to arrive Dec 5.

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