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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Great Blog Makeover of 2009

My friend Brooke recently joked about when my blog banner was going to change from pictures dog-children to human-children. (Don't worry, we plan on calling our human-children just "our children" like everyone else.) Perhaps you have been wondering the same thing too, my bloggie friends.

So ta daaaa--here's the new (temporary) blog banner. As you've probably noticed, not much has changed about this blog since the announcement of our adoption. (Thus, my subject line was really just a hoax to get you here...muhawhahaha!) I will probably add a time-line soon for you to refer to, but other than that...this is it! I do have favorite adoption websites and blogs of adoptive families that I peek at now and then, but I'll keep 'em to myself for now.

Don't fret reader-friends--Your Mom's Blog will remain changing but unchanging, the theme of my current mindset! (And please excuse the unorganized disarray--the sidebars will be back-to-normal soon!)

For the creatively-written, charming story of the blog banner picture, click here.

And speaking of dog-children, I would be remiss without relaying how this transition is affecting them. And that is: not much. Except that the vet recommended Moses not be allowed on the couch any longer so that he will know "who's boss." While Moses does know who is boss (Nick? Me? I'll let you wonder about that...), the introduction of Baby Faris is sure to confuse him, as he will naturally assume Baby is #5 on the totem pole. But alas, Baby will be #3 and also allowed on the couch, which is what will hopefully sink into Moses' lion-sized head. Owens, as always, is happy to show his humble submission to all family members. Thus, the displacement of Moses from his couch-throne has meant that he has displaced Owens from his bed. Sweet Owens, good thing that new rug is nice and thick. :)


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