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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

No Place Like Home

This morning was our dreaded home visit of the home study process. This is the third out of three "official" meetings we have for our home study. The first two meetings were in the quiet, calm office environment of our social worker's office. But today...she was required to come to our home to make sure not only were we fit to be parents but our HOUSE was fit to be a child's home.

I have dreaded this meeting since we decided to pursue adoption. If you're a long-time reader, you may recall that I have tendencies to be a "Martha." (This would be the Biblical Martha, not the middle sibling of the Guinn family--holla Marth!) Due to my Martha-Syndrome, I have the feeling like my house is always in disarray. (That's also because it probably is...!) I wish I were better at being hospitable (I'm trying to train myself), but I mostly worry that people think my house is ___. (Fill in a disappointing judgment, such as: too small, too dirty, too dusty, too crazy, too quirky, too poor...well, you get the picture.)

So in preparing for this home visit, I had to get real with myself. What needs to happen, I asked myself, in order to make me feel "okay" about this home visit? Here were the answers, and my suggestions for automatically making you feel better about your own home:

1. We made sure all safety standards were up-to-code. Fire extinguishers? Check. Able to open all windows? Check. Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors? Check. And for extra measure: items available for child-proofing when the time came? Check.

2. I took my prized Dyson and vacuumed every corner and baseboard in our house. Followed up with a thorough vacuuming and mopping of the floors.

3. I made pumpkin bread with cream cheese icing so that my house smelled cozy and autumnal. (Is that a word?)

4. We gave the dogs plenty of exercise this morning so they were so tired that all they could do was lay quietly in the corner.

5. Grand Finale: New rug & curtains that I've been wanting to replace fooorrrreeeevvveeerrr.

Check it! (Sorry for the blurry pics)

After my five steps of worry-freedom, I plopped down on the couch last night a happy girl. I was happy about my house and the way it looked. It was clean, safe, and cute.

And the home visit was perfect this morning! Our social worker walked through our house, asking about the pictures hanging on the walls, remarking how well-behaved our dogs were, and praising us for being one of the most prepared couples she's ever worked with. So encouraging! Not once did she say "How unsightly for a washer and dryer to be in the kitchen" or "My, what a small stove you have" or "Do you seriously think having air-conditioning units is acceptable for a house with a child?" My greatest fears were vanquished. And in their place stands a contentedness with my current surroundings. Who would've thought a little extra vacuuming could have that much power? ;)


Katie said...

Glad it went well. And your house looks cute!

Unknown said...

autumnal is a word.

just kidding what if that was all i wrote? GOOD JOB! place looks like it looks great (if that makes sense) . cant wait to see, and I'm glad it went so well.

Nick Faris said...

Owens' freakishly long leg. Ha.

lee said...

Owens is claiming his.
Your place is all ready, you ought to throw a party.
Marimba your neighbors right back.

Kristy said...

autumnal is TOTALLY a word--and a great one at that.

Love your new rug. It is awesome.

SO glad things went well today. I, too, am impressed with your preparation! You are going to be one cool momma!

Brooke said...

please show a pic of the new artwork also. must get 360 degree view. :)

so glad all went well!

Ashley @ pure and lovely said...

I love your space. it is fabo. and you are beyond suitable for a child. ;) I'm so glad it went well!!!

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