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Friday, July 17, 2009

When I Was 28...

When I was almost done being 28, I strangely stopped blogging for a ridiculous amount of time. I turned 29 yesterday (yeeeoooow!), I thought I'd catch you up on how 28 ended.

When I was 28, I went out to lunch with some dear friends from my former place of employment (AGAPE). Good times, noodle salad. (Well, more like "Good times, pesto pasta with sundried tomatoes.")

When I was 28, I went to visit one of my dearest friends from days of yore (otherwise known as Auburn). Auburn, you say? Why, yes, we made sure to visit while we were together. Turkey rolls & sweet potato chips, Toomer's lemonade & Behind the Glass...these are a few of my favorite things.

Amsterdam's Goodness

A little trip to J&M

Behind the Glass

I told the girl at Toomer's Drugstore to "make 'em extra good" because we were alums.
(She said "Whoa," when I told her we were class of '02--kids these days...)

Even the firetrucks in Auburn are orange & blue

We finished our roadtrip with a little trip to Ashley's favorite flea store/mall.
This is me being scared waiting on Ashley in the grossest bathroom in the world.
(Hey, when a prego woman has to pee, nothing will stop her...not even a pushy selfish lady who sees that expectant mother walking toward the door and rushes to get to the front of the line. Your day will come, pushy selfish lady, your day will come.)

Ashley is a genius at finding old junk and turning it into brand new treasures. Here she is with with a piece she was drooling over. I won't tell you what she's making it into,
because no one likes a copy cat. ;)

Nick's car had a birthday on the way back to Memphis. Would you believe me if I said the speed limit was 80? No? Ok, I was speeding a tiny little bit, but no worries--the cruise control was on and the road was empty when I took this picture.

When I was 28, Nick & I joined the Bennett family & friends at a Redbirds game.

(With our bestie, Sophie Ray)

When I was 28, we took a little trip to Atlanta to visit Ibby Nasmyth & family. Ibby was my best friend in high school and he & his wife & family remain some of my favorite people in the universe. And now there is a new member of the family for me to adore--Miss Olivia Quinn Nasmyth. Love that sweetie pie!

When I was 28, my dad went into the hospital for a scheduled heart cath (while we were visiting in Atlanta), and ended up having quadruple bypass surgery 2 days later. Unexpected and scary, but the surgery went well and he is recovering now. (My mom is always bragging on how photogenic he is--his heart was taken out of his body and operated on the day before this picture was taken for crying out loud!)

When I was 28, a series of fortuitous events occurred in which Nick and I ended up with a ticket for a "buy one get one free" buffet at Paula Deen's in Tunica. We joined the Portises on a mini-roadtrip to indulge ourselves. Here's Carrie and me with our famous buddy... (I might add that this was post-buffet, and therefore we are happy and stuffed!)

I had a (mostly) grand time being 28, but I am pretty excited about 29. ("The Year of 30" as I'm calling it.) I will fill you in more on the birthday festivities very soon!


McKinney Madness said...

Happy Belated Birthday! And next time you're driving through, make sure to call me. I love good times and Amsterdam's too!

Kristy said...

I love this post! All of your pictures and all of your events. I love that flea market too, and I (as well as I'm sure Ashley) tee-hee'ed to myself about your sweetly snarky copy-cat statement! I hope that your forever 29 is wonderful! Love you!

ashley said...

everyone should have such a fun 28! glad your dad is better - and that is an amazing picture of him!

Blessed said...

Cute way to post this! I am glad your 28th year was fabulous and I hope your 29th is even better. And, hey, 30 aint too shabby! You'll love it! Oh, and the mini road trip was fun! I love that you love good food girl. :)

Ashley @ pure and lovely said...

of course i love this post, glad u hada great bday, more glad ur dad is doing well and could my face BE any bigger??? gotta post my pics too!!!

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