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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Feeling Pretty

Many moons ago, I was not as girly as the girly-girl I am today.  Hard to fathom, I know, but alas, it is true.  

These days, I just love to feel pretty.  Now, I realize there is a materialistic, ugly, consumeristic mentality to this on some levels.  But on the other hand, I see a great advantage to "taking care" of oneself and always putting your best foot forward.  ("If you look sharp, you'll play sharp," my wise mentor, Buster Clemens, once reminded me.)  If I feel pretty, it affects my mood, which affects my actions, which affects others around me, etc.  I think, overall, it is just better for the world for all of us to feel pretty.  

Nick's younger brother is getting married this weekend.  In-law family weddings, I believe, are a toughie--there is no "real" role that you are playing besides showing up in support, lending a hand however you can, and...looking pretty.  

So, dear bloggie friends, how do YOU handle the job of looking pretty?  What are the essentials?  Here are mine for this particular occasion, in order of importance:

1. Haircut.  The grand finale of "What Not to Wear."  They save hair and makeup until the end for a reason.  It doesn't matter how awesome your clothes are until you've updated your 'do.  A great cut and color will have me smiling for months.  

2. New dress. (It's a winner, my friends, and I'm proud to say that my sharp sales eye waited until I could get this JCrew dress for 60% off!  Nothing beats a new dress except for the same new dress on sale!)

3. Spray tan.  The world just seems like a better place when I have been spray tanned.  (Memphians, nothing beats this place!)  I realize this sounds just downright shallow, but this fair-skinned girl was never able to dream of being golden until the age of spray tanning.  Some people think being skinny makes all clothes look better on a person.  This may or may not be true.  Regardless, having a spray tan (better for your health than the real deal!) has the same effect.  Note: do not waste your time on Mystic--get a professional to spray you themselves.  My fave place does it for the same price, and it turns out ridiculously better--no orange hands!!  

4. Painted toenails.  Now, I know pedicures are the way to go, but at this point after the new dress and spray tan, you may have to wake up and smell the economy.  No worries!  Painting them yourself turns out almost as great.  I'm opting for a sheer gold shade this spring.

So, bloggies, share your secrets with me!  What are your quick-fixes to feel pretty?  


Anonymous said...

Neutrogena Build a Tan is great! I love me some Crest white strips, also...and a good, big pair of silver earrings! They always make me feel better!

Larissa Smith said...

Um, I won't say I usually feel all that pretty, but a V neck shirt with a cute necklace works for me. That's not for wedding, obviously! Also, anytime I bust out the contacts and do up a little eye makeup, I find a little more bounce in my step. On lazier days, I feel slightly more polished if I pull a low ponytail at my neck rather than a higher, more sporty one. Baby steps, right?

I'm with you on cut and color, but I haven't braved that here yet. Maybe soon...yikes!

Katie said...

Oh, I LOVE that dress...great find!!

When I'm in a beauty "slump" I like to update my makeup.

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