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Wednesday, March 18, 2009



Nick and I celebrated our 3rd Wedding Anniversary last Wednesday, March 11th.  Yearly anniversaries of any kind are such a quandary to me...which number should you recognize?  For example, our first year of marriage we were considered "0."  (The same is true for birthdays--your first year of life, you are "0.")  But that first year of marriage (and potentially life, although I don't remember that far back) was the toughest!  It should count for something!!  We refer to it as "our first year of marriage" in hindsight.  So what shall it be on March 11, 2009?  3 years?  Or 4th year?  As one who is always looking ahead, I prefer marking an anniversary by saying "We are beginning our 4th year of marriage today!"  

Now, this can come back to bite me in the booty.  For example, I am 28.  Under my preference, I would refer to myself as being in my 29th year.  What??  This means there are only a mere handful of months left before I begin my 30th year!  Since when did 28 seem so close to 30?  (I know none of you will believe me, but I actually look forward to 30 and am not in the least bit afraid of growing older--it's just that changing decades is so...monumental!)  

By the way, the Anniversary was fabulous.  Dinner at Paulette's with those fabulous popovers with strawberry butter...yum!  Nick received a "Book of 3" from moi (a journal with lists of 3 things that we can fill out together over the year) and Nick outdid himself in his gift for me.  A pair of Indigo Girls tickets (in Memphis in April) and a pair of jeans from Indigo!  Jeans and acoustic folk music--does the man know me or what?!  

Here's a pic of us in the hallway before stepping out on the town.  Nick was excited.  ha.


L said...

those flowers are so pretty! hooray for starting year 4 of marriage! :)

Unknown said...

yay! J told his interviewer on Monday we were about to have our 4 yr anniversary. he told me this as he recounted the event... and it took me 2 tries to correct him. "look inside your ring" ... seriously

Blessed said...

Cute picture! Happy Anniversary!

Indigo Girls...You know I"m jealous!

Julie said...

He's a keeper!!!

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