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Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's the Time of the Season for Loving

Why, yes it is.  People have been confessing their love all over the country this week.

Yesterday and today have yielded some fabulously awkward moments on "The Today Show."  
First, check this out...  (Note: I saw the following clip on "Today" but couldn't find it on YouTube, so I went with a different channel...)

Did you catch it?  If not, here is someone who found it equally as funny...
(Just watch the beginning--it begins to get a little monotonous)

Yessssss.  I mean, I sure do love me some Barack and Michelle Obama, but the sincerity and passion with this woman's confession of love just leaves me in the dust.

And today, there was this terrific awkward moment right after a commercial break where this woman gave a big heart-shaped valentine to Matt.  After he showed it to Meredith (on air), she pointed out that all the pictures pasted on the front of the valentine were of Matt and Katie (Couric).  Matt made a big deal out of it while Meredith kept saying "Don't worry, I don't care," while the valentine-lady kept shrugging her shoulders and saying "You weren't here yet."  

So go ahead, bloggie friends, join the rest of the world in professing your love in awkward ways this week!


annecase said...

Very funny!

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