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Monday, February 23, 2009

Eating It Up with a Spoon

I can't keep from watching the Academy Awards every year--the glitz, glamor, and fame are unmatched.  

But this year, I couldn't get enough of the themes of LEGACY!  (Those who know me know I am huge on legacy--the one we pass on to others as well as the ones we receive.)  I absolutely loved the new format of presenting the Oscar to the Best Actress & Actor (also Supporting).  

For those of you who missed it, 5 of the past years' Oscar recipients for the same award stepped out and individually praised each nominee.  Many of the women were brought to tears and the men puffed up their chests with pride as the powerful words of affirmation and encouragement were spoken to and about them.  What a fabulous "consolation prize!"  I would not have cared one bit about receiving that little golden statue after having someone speak such a blessing over me!  

That is what I want to do for young people--speak affirmation and blessing over them...passing on a legacy of sorts to inspire them to greatness.  I am thrilled that the Academy Awards began this tradition, and that is what I hope it becomes--a timeless tradition of blessing future generations.


Larissa Smith said...

I'm with you. I thoroughly enjoyed the format this year. It was just more fun, I thought. Especially the opening act. Now I just need to watch most of the movies...

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