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Friday, February 06, 2009

Buried Treasure!

While meandering in Target like a zombie the other day (How is it that I go in for tortilla chips and find myself all the way back in the home decor section?  Hmmm.), I came across this beauty of a duvet cover!  (I had been looking for one to switch out with my other, which is beginning to look a little tired.)

Organic cotton duvet SET (includes shams), marked to HALF OFF.  There was only one green set left, so I will fess up--I hid it behind a stack of others and ran home to call Nick and see what he thought.  After approving its non-girly pattern, he agreed to run by Target on the way home from work and use my verbal treasure map to find and purchase our prized deal.

It does not disappoint, and I am loving the change!  (And so happy I got a deal--$60 for a duvet and two shams!  If you're interested, go to the store to check them out because they are not half off on the website--they also have this pattern and this pattern!)  So, tell me: do you hide items in a store when you know you want to return to buy them?  If so, what is your strategy?


Laurel said...

Not only do I hide stuff, I've taught my sweet four year old daughter how to. She's better at remembering where they're at. :)

lee said...

I think I know where you learned that trick...

I'm sorry to bring this up
again, but the word this time is:
muzzy. (I knew a dog named that.)

Holly-- The Storm Chaser said...

I'm too much of an impluse buyer, so hiding isn't usually necessary. But, I always get cracked up when I find something that was obviously hidden for someone else... Like a super cute pair of shoes marked down to $3 set behind a box of diapers. Funny post!

Tesney said...

I don't hide because I just go ahead and buy it and return it if I decide I don't want it. I'm an impulse buyer and an even worse returner. I probably return half of everything I purchase. It's a problem. Kudos to you for a great deal. I love me a deal!

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