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Friday, August 08, 2008

5 Confessions of Quirkiness

1. It takes me a good literal 5 minutes to squirm into a comfortable position for sleeping every night.  This process first involves puffing up my pillow, laying my head on it, and repeating for 2 minutes.  Then comes squirming my body so that my shoulders are completely covered with sheets/comforter.  (However, the sheets must be tucked between my neck and my chin whereas the comforter should be a little lower, just over my shoulders.)  That would be another two minutes.  The last one minute entails making sure my elbows are sticking out at appropriate lengths to each side of my pillow (without ANYTHING touching them) and simultaneously placing one foot into the crevice of the other leg's knee and then alternating, so as to warm up my feet.  Ahhh.  Now, time for some sweet dreams.

2. I drink coffee every day.  But I only drink about two ounces of my full coffee cup and then I'm done.

3. I swallow a lot when I get nervous.  (That's one reason why I can't swim underwater for very long.  Because I get nervous and I swallow and then water goes up my nose...PS: I took swim lessons when I was 23 to learn how to go underwater without holding my nose.  My lesson was always after a little kiddie lesson each week, and Miss Collette, my teacher, would say "Ok, children, it's time for Miss Jesse's swimming lesson!" and all the kids would get out of the pool and run to their parents, who were my age, to get toweled off while I put on my goggles and got in the pool.  ha.)

4. I pull on my earlobes when I'm thinking.  

5.  I like to dip Nacho Doritos in ketchup (just the edges).  I put ranch dressing on anything with tomato sauce (pizza, lasagna, spaghetti).  I make sure that I ration each food item on my plate so that I finish them all at the same time.  I am allergic to red food coloring.  I like to eat macaroni & cheese, carrots, and orange juice all in the same meal because they are all orange.  Due to my husband's affection for these two items together, I like to drink grape juice when I eat popcorn.  

Extra bonus quirk: I go back and edit each blog post about four times after it is posted.  In fact, I edited this very statement twice after the original posting.


L said...

haha...this is hilarious! i cracked up at number 3...i can just picture it. :)

Tesney said...

yet another reason we are long, lost kindred spirits. we actually had a quirkiness contest between a bunch of our couple friends from church...guess who won?

Ashley @ pure and lovely said...

hahahaha! I DO THAT with the coffee, too.

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